4DX Theater Basics

4DX Theater Basics

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A movie theater (often American English, cinema, or movie house), the screens, movie theater, or just the screens, is a place that has multiple auditoriums for watching movies (usually called movie tickets) for fun, entertainment, and sometimes for money. These theaters are open for the public, usually daily, and the first theaters built used wood and opened in cities during the late 1800s. A modern movie theater is often built with the latest technology. These modern movie theaters can be found in cities, suburbs, and small towns everywhere in the world.

There are two types of movie theater: the large town theaters and the smaller, more personal sized movie theater. Either type has two to three rows of seats in front of a screen, usually LCD or plasma. Most movie theaters use projection rather than the “flushing” method common in the older theaters. The process of “flushing” was common during the days of the “big screen”, when the theaters opened in large hotels and could not afford to pay for showing films the old way.

Large movie theaters often have three or more floors and use the main atrium to be their set room, while the “back rooms” were used for extra decoration, soundproofing, and sometimes to house extra equipment such as soundboards. The “corners” of movie theaters are sometimes used for set decoration, and some theaters use them for ticket window displays. Usually, all movie theaters contain a concession stand on the lower level as well as restrooms and concession areas for customers who spend most of their time on the lower level. Some theaters also have bars and restaurants on the upper levels.

A movie theater isn’t just a bunch of seats; it’s much more. During a movie theatre trip, the ambiance can be incredible, with the lights dim and the sounds deep and penetrating. Many people prefer the natural lighting of a natural outdoor landscape, and movie theatres provide this type of natural ambiance by placing trees in the area around the auditorium. Other options for natural lighting include “bounce-back” screens that return every so often to show the movie that was just finished.

For those who have a “big” budget, some movie theatres feature actual mountains or other large props such as cities or bridges. Movie lovers who enjoy the look and feel of the outdoors can see these effects for a very reasonable price by purchasing a ticket to one of these outdoor cinemas. Some theaters even have indoor zoos that resemble what you would see in the outdoors, only indoors.

There are plenty of options for people who enjoy entertainment and comforts. With the many modern conveniences available to us, there are even more ways for us to enjoy these amenities. The old fashioned movie theater is making a comeback, but it will continue to be a strong competitor against the many sophisticated movie cinemas that are now available. It is important to remember, however, that we are experiencing something unique and different when we attend a movie theater, whether we are inside them or watching them outside. We can all agree that the best part of seeing a movie is being able to see it with our own eyes instead of being subjected to it on a screen.

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