A Casino Movie Everyone Should Watch

A Casino Movie Everyone Should Watch

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The casino movie is an exceptionally popular form of entertainment today, whether you’re in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Monte Carlo. Many of us have a vivid recollection of our first visits to these’money making’ resorts and how thrilling it was to play roulette, poker and blackjack. It was the flashy shows and beautiful women that made casino film a sensation. The advent of CGI enhanced special effects has made it easier to create an endless display of casino action that’s hard to forget. If you were lucky enough to catch a few classic movies, you might even remember some of the dialogue between the actors and the beautiful Las Vegas hotel scenes. Not everyone can afford a trip to Vegas but we can all share fond memories of this wonderful town and the casinos that litter its landscape.

One of the most famous movies from the 80’s is “L.A. Damned” starring Michael Douglas and Donny De Niro. This is actually my personal favorite casino movie. It’s a true comedy, with a great plot, and just about every element you’d expect to find in a casino movie, including excellent acting. The movie takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where professional gambler Jimmy Buffet lives a life of opulence and freedom while he plots the theft of a heart transplant surgery held by the rich and famous. The casino bosses seek out “the Beast” to win his allegiance, but they are unaware of the terrible truth that Jimmy will have to reveal in this thrilling film.

Another great casino movie, “The Game” takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and chronicles the lives of a pair of college students who wind up falling in love. They spend many weekends at a beautiful hotel, where one night a notorious “mob” gangsters arrive hoping to pick up their prize. The movie isn’t as exciting as the book, but it still manages to be very funny.

Another fantastic casino movie, “Catch Me If You Can” starring Joe Pesci and David Strathairn is perhaps one of the most memorable movies of the year. The movie depicts the comings and goings of a young Hollywood screenwriter who falls in love with a writer’s friend. While working on a screenplay, the two guys discover they have an unlikely connection, and after a series of events, they wind up writing a best-seller together. This movie about the unlikely union of Hollywood and the entertainment industry was actually considered too odd for a festival award, but nevertheless went on to make Pesci a star. This movie, like so many others, showcases the multi-faceted performances of Joe Pesci.

Probably one of the more serious movies of the year, “lying to Mother Nature” tells the story of a plucky little South African farmer who becomes a major player on the world stage. Apart from De Niro, the movie features Albert Brooks, Edward Norton, and Steve McQueen. The movie chronicles the farmer’s journey from childhood to retirement as he deals with financial difficulties and the perils of war. The late Brooks also had a role in “The Deerhunter,” another very serious movie. This western-themed movie was later made into a TV series.

Another good casino movie worth checking out is “The Hard Way,” which tells the story of a young man (nicky Santoro) who works at a Las Vegas casino. When he refuses to work for the mob, he gets into trouble with the FBI and his path crosses Nicholas Cage. After some time, Cage’s character gets help from various groups including the FBI, and ends up saving the town of Mesquite. This film is definitely not for the squeamish.

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