A Day in the Life of an Angry Young Woman (Movie Review)

A Day in the Life of an Angry Young Woman (Movie Review)

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Risky Business is one of those rare films that manages to be funny, heartfelt, and entertaining all at once. Ecstatic when his parents go on vacation for just a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen ( tom Cruise) trades in his own company car for an all-white Mercedes-Benz. Shortly after making a short stopover in a small French village, Joel is hit by a drunk driver who tries to force him out of the car and into the bushes. When the local police notice the damage to Joel’s car, he’s arrested and taken to a women’s prison in Paris where he promptly begins to form a strong friendship with 21 year old Alexa (Anne Hathaway).

While incarcerated, Joel notices other inmates engaging in dangerous activities such as strip shows and pimping out of a well known French fashion model named Alexa. Desperate to find a way to earn back some of his lost money, Joel enlists the aid of ex-convict Evelyn (rebecca de Mornay), a drug addict who knows a bit about working as a legitimate agency lady. Together, they devise a plan to return to college – but when the pair is captured by terrorists, they must play both sides against each other in order to survive. With the ticking clock steadily ticking, the couple soon find themselves facing the threat of the dreaded winter before they can return to Paris…

With the help of his friend Miles ( adam Goldberg), Joel escapes the women’s prison and makes his way to the big city. With the risk of exposure, he decides to strike out on his own and start a new life – but with a new brothel to run, will he be able to succeed? Meanwhile, Evelyn is reunited with her old friend, Rachel (Ann-Margret), but things aren’t so easy for the two women as they begin to realize that their pasts are connected. As they work out their problems, they learn that the most risky business in town…

After a series of unfortunate incidents involving prostitution, theft, and beatings, the local police are called to investigate a series of attacks. They arrive at the brothel only to discover that the entire establishment was empty: no employees, no money, and nothing is missing. With a bit of investigation, the police discover that the attacks were carried out by an elusive figure. The same man who had assaulted Alexa earlier returns to take revenge against the girls for something he feels was wrong. Joanna and Evelyn are left with a very big decision to make… Will their friendship be ruined forever? – Will the two escape to save their friendship or go toe to toe with evil local gangsters?

With an all star cast including Ann-Margret, James Belushi, and Kurt Russell, as well as co-stars Edward Herrmann, Mimi Rogers, and Christina Applegate, as well as director Rob Reiner, this is one of the year’s most unique films. “A day in the life of an ambitious, beautiful young woman” – we’ve all heard of Joanna Stayton before, but this version puts her in the starring role. This is one of the more memorable films of the year, period, and the acting is simply fantastic. No one has ever been so cute in a movie, and Mimi Rogers steals the show with her straight faced, oblivious face. You also have to give credit to director for bringing in some very good material here.

When I saw “A Day in the Life of an Angry Young Woman,” I thought it was going to be like watching the trailer for ” Neo-Noir.” In that movie, the old girl who played the adult mother in “When Harry Met Sally” is this sexy, ex-cop type with her own private detective agency. She solves problems using her own style of detective work. Her expertise lies in being able to use her intuition to solve crimes, rather than the more traditional methods of persuasion and asking suspects to testify. In “A Day in the Life of an Angry Young Woman,” Reiner turns his expertise into a very funny screenplay full of one-liners and a great central conceit that makes this movie very different from the 1980s teen comedies.

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