A Legal Thriller Book Review Of “Diamond In The Rough” By Eric De Mornay

A Legal Thriller Book Review Of “Diamond In The Rough” By Eric De Mornay

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When Rebecca de Mornay tells her story in “The Glass Egg,” she makes the case that any old risky business venture is just as good as a new risky business. That’s part of what makes her book so refreshing and entertaining. In other words, there’s no such thing as an old time rock and roll business, only new adventures. In fact, I often think of her novel as a sequel to the song by the same name, and not just a book where a young girl accidentally finds the key to a car ignition. Regardless, the novel is entertaining and educative, and I liked it.

The novel starts out with Rebecca, a call girl from upstate New York. One evening she goes to a party hosted by a well-known writer, hoping to make some extra money. What she doesn’t realize is that the writer is looking for an extra set of hands to take care of the writing. The two lock eyes and have a passionate moment before the writer leaves with a stack of cash in his pocket.

The next morning, Rebecca gets out of bed and makes her way to the writer’s house. Inside, she sees a man tied to a chair with an egg stuck in his forehead. She puts a knife to the egg and attempts to remove the hooker, but gets too excited when another hooker comes out of the house, grabs the egg, and tries to rob her. This is just one of the examples of a risky business in the town of Bronson, Wyoming.

In addition to the adventure in the novel, I also like how Rebecca relates the story to human psychology. As she says at the beginning, “You can only be broke if you’re smart enough.” Although the events are exaggerated to make the story more comical, the sentiment is actually accurate. Although she does kill the hooker with the egg, she does show what happens when you take a risk.

If you like your romance novels with a bit of a twist, then you’ll love Diamond In Therough by Eric de Mornay. It’s a humorous book about a young, wealthy, and talented lawyer who falls for a much older woman. The twist turns out that the older woman is a con artist, who dupes him into giving her money worth less than it’s worth, and then wants him to use that money to hire her to fish for tangerines in his pond. With several funny scenes, and excellent wordplay throughout the book, Diamond In The Rough is another de Mornay masterpiece.

If you like the idea of a legal black market where you can buy and sell things like caviar and pickles without having to pay taxes or purchase licenses, then you’ll love Diamond In The Rough by Eric de Mornay. It’s one of those books that has a flavor of its own, but it also keeps its plot firmly set within the confines of the legal system. Bob Seger has put together an interesting book that mixes romance with legal maneuvering, and he fans of risky business will enjoy this blend of genres.

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