A Look at Our Favorite US Movie Filmmakers

A Look at Our Favorite US Movie Filmmakers

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The Usual Usuals, Michael Chiklis and Jordan Peele in the latest release, Kingsman: The Secret Service, has gotten off to a great start. While there are certainly parts of the film that do not work (which is likely due to the expectations of what this type of film would be like), overall Kingsman: The Secret Service does a great job of blending the different styles and genres that are popular today. It also provides insights into how the media works and why certain stories will appeal to certain audiences while others will go little by little unnoticed. However, I am sure that more changes will be coming our way as studios continue to try and make films that appeal to an ever-changing audience. There are just too many genres competing for the attention of the public nowadays. So maybe we should take a break from the usual and examine the potential greatness of genres in this new blockbuster.

The very first genre that Kingsman: The Secret Service takes in is the spy genre. We have James Bond, the most famous agent ever, and plenty of others following his footsteps. However, what is truly amazing about this film is the inclusion of a character who most people will never even think about – the character of Max Weber. Weber plays the role of a double-agent whose specialty is to perform both good deeds and bad ones, thus combining his talents into one singular package. Not only does Weber add a nice extra layer of charisma into the role, but he also provides depth to an otherwise standard concept that we have all come to know and love by now: the agents.

Another preeminent US movie going this summer is The Shape. Starring as the sarcastic, yet lovable American, Nick Nolte, The Shape truly showcases the unique point of view of Nick Nolte. The Shape is the story of a young boy who is sent to live with his grandmother, an Englishwoman who is part Chinese and part Native American, and the two families must work together against all odds to survive. A very funny and engaging film that will definitely leave you craving for more…

The aforementioned The Shape, as well as Mr. And Mrs. Vanishes are both examples of how superb writing can be in a horror film and how well Coppola implements her trademarks into her scripts. One such example of her great contributions to the horror genre is her contribution to the already popular remake of the Vanishing Files, Vanishing. This film, which came out in 2021, went on to become one of the highest grossing independent films of all time. In the midst of a franchise that has been around since the mid-nineties, The Vanishing Files offers a smart twist on an old tale and gives Coppola another chance to use her style to tell it.

Finally, let us touch on the most successful of all genres that have become known as Coppola’s home in the director’s career – the Nyong story. This is after all one of his first major breakouts in his career, having also worked on the similarly popular Home Alone video game adaptation. For those who have not seen this one, or even if you have seen it, I highly recommend seeing the movie, as it is a hilarious comedy that will make both nostalgicists as well as comedy lovers smile. Starring Tom Hanks as the lovable nut case, Mr. Nanny, alongside Vera Wang as his wife Ellen (the amazing Barking Dog), the two Hollywood mainstays take us on a roller coaster ride of an emotional experience as they try to save their own lives.

Overall, Mike and Andy Coppola have created an empire that will provide many classic films for generations to come. From twisted stories and intense imagery to cutting edge special effects and hilarious comedy sequences, they have managed to create a storm of fun in the horror genre that will continue to entertain. While their final project, The Shape, may not rival the heights of Hostel and Rosemary Clooney’s Apartment, it will surely go down as one of the best independent horror films of this decade.

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