A Look At ‘The Old Movie Reprise’

A Look At ‘The Old Movie Reprise’

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“Old Hawaii” is one of my favorite movies. An exotic and romantic comedy about two lovers who decide to take a vacation at an old Hawaii resort as part of their honeymoon. A simple thriller about a adventurous couple on an exotic tropical vacation who find that the seemingly secluded tropical paradise they’re relaxing in is in fact causing them to age very quickly reducing their lives to a single night. The story drags you right into the middle of their vacation and then seamlessly switches to their wedding and then into the actual honeymoon.

In Old Hawaii, Michael Chiklis plays the role of Kevin Kline who travels to the old Hawaii Island with his friend Peter (Philip Seymour Hoffman). They plan on staying at one of the many huts at Waikiki Beach which was destroyed during World War II. They are joined by their friend Jack (Charles Rocket) and his wife Jane (Daryl Hannah). Once at the island, they quickly become acquainted with Gerald (Eddie Murphy), a balding, old man who is the only remaining member of the elite Peeters family.

As part of their plan to elope, the newlyweds make their way into the Peeters compound where they meet their new friend, Hugo (Charles Dance), who lives there. The three of them become suspicious of the resort manager who is abusive and neglectful of his employees. After learning that he is secretly selling vials of an anti-vial that has killed a large number of hangers, the group decides to expose the resort manager and his greedy ways. But when they get caught trying to sneak out of the compound, they are taken hostage by the evil pharmaceutical agent, Vinnie (John Turturro), who also happens to know about the vials.

With excellent acting and direction, this is a modern day take on the old genre and puts contemporary values into the mix. It is a funny movie that has some very entertaining lines and good one liners. Some of the movie’s funniest scenes involve the three main characters and how they react to different situations. There is also a very likable supporting character, the hotel owner who tries to be a hero and offers the three good guys a chance to slip out of the compound.

The late Vincent Gallo is an interesting choice as one of the leading bad guys. He has a very gruff manner, but he also has a very wise understanding of human behavior and how to deal with others. This makes him an interesting foil for the main characters, especially Hugo. Gallo also has a fine physique which complements the role nicely. The late Michael Gambon also adds some good acting skills to the film as the other bad guys.

This is a fun film from the 1990s that is well worth your time if you have never seen it. It is entertaining, has a lot of humor, and is set in an interesting setting. It is not too far removed from the old movies that you remember from your childhood. It has some great actors and a great story that is worth the time to watch. If you have never seen this type of movie then this is a definite must see.

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