A Minimalist Lifestyle: De-Cluttering and Decluttering

A Minimalist Lifestyle: De-Cluttering and Decluttering

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The true essence of a minimalist lifestyle consists of removing everything which isn’t really needed and determining what adds the most value to life. It’s based on the idea that less is much. Minimalist living, also called minimalistism, is all about purposeful intent. You simply take as much room and time out of your day to the things that you love most, and get rid of everything else which distracts you from those things.

This type of lifestyle is different than other lifestyles because it eschews designer clothing, fancy cars, private jets, expensive vacations, and the other accouterments of modern living. The reason many people choose a minimalist lifestyle is because it gives you the freedom to live a truly minimalist life by eliminating things which don’t add value to your life. So how do you go about getting started with a minimalist lifestyle like this?

The first step of a minimalist lifestyle like this is the necessity of decluttering your home. Decluttering doesn’t mean disorganizing; rather, it means getting rid of anything which does not serve any purpose or add any value to your life. For most people, this includes clothes, books, cosmetics, electronics, antiques, and pretty much anything else which you feel takes up too much space or doesn’t contribute to the quality of your life.

Because you want to declutter, you also need to spend less time in front of the computer. One of the best ways to get rid of visual noise is to minimize the amount of time you spend looking at your computer screen. This is done through maximizing the use of the desktop space available to you. For instance, instead of viewing the screen constantly, play some music in the background or get rid of the television if you only watch it when you have time. If you need to watch something, take a quick break, look at the weather forecast on your phone, or open a website. Just be sure to get out of the habit of watching your computer the entire time.

The next part of decluttering is actually getting rid of your wardrobe. While many people think that decluttering means getting rid of everything and anything that you don’t need, a minimalist lifestyle goes much deeper than that. Instead of discarding all your clothes, just sort them according to size, color, and functionality. This way, you’ll be able to maximize the space in your wardrobe and keep it from overflowing.

As you can see, getting started with a minimalist lifestyle means freeing yourself from excess baggage and excess possessions. To keep your belongings organized, look into the various options available for organizing your belongings such as creating a digital photo album, using metal containers, or using a variety of stylish accessories to store and protect your belongings. Another option to help keep your home cleaner, which is also important for a minimalist environment, is de-cluttering and decluttering often. Although getting rid of your possessions will make the majority of your rooms less cluttered, it’s important that you also look into getting rid of unneeded clutter so that your home comes alive with natural light and warmth instead of a dark and dingy interior.

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