A New Halloween Movie For USM Fans

A New Halloween Movie For USM Fans

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The Usual Hollywood Production House is making a sequel of the popular drama “Thetan.” The movie will be set in New York in the year 2019 and is expected to be released in summer of next year. There have been many rumors about who will be starring in the film but so far it’s solely confirmed that Will Smith will play the lead role of Alex Cross.

Will Smith has had his run as the boy genius super hero but with the latest release of “The Dark Knight Rises” he’s ready to take on another adventure in the future. The movie is expected to be a high action movie with all the special effects and fight sequences which has earned both rave reviews and box office success. One of the main characters of the story will be Alex Cross who will be played by Evan Rachel Wood. She will be joining previous stars like Nyong Arsenabhol and Jude Law in the cast of the upcoming thriller.

The premise of the story is that in twenty seven years after the events of The Dark Knight Rises there will be another catastrophic event which can destroy the world. But the humans won’t be able to stop it as they are surrounded by a large barrier which was created in New York and it is called the tethered line. It will keep the demons and other supernatural creatures from entering the city limits. The only people who are able to cross the line are those who are wearing the bracelets which are called the Nyong Wurenks. The Nyong Wurenks will allow passage between their city and the tethered line but not to outside the city.

The movie is expected to be a high action and suspense movie as there is a lot of fighting between the good guys and the evil forces. The original story idea for the movie was based on a true story where two dopplers were looking for their old professor who was also their professor and handler during World War II. After the war they were transported to New Zealand and established a school there to train other future soldiers. The story was later changed to include the element of the tethered line but according to producers the new story line will be more focused on the evil force rather than the origin of the evil.

The casting of Mike Epps as Michael Myers is sure to thrill fans of the horror film series. The role was played by actor Elvis Presley who is well known for his iconic rock music performances. The other major player in the Michael Myers starring role is J.C. Caputo who plays Dr. Arthur Holmwood who is an ally of the dopplers. The other USM characters are Tom Cruise as Carl Weathers, Christopher Walken as Lionel Logue, Kevin Spacey as Andre the Giant, and Don Murphy as Maurice Strong.

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