A Novelistic Description of a Hazardous Business

A Novelistic Description of a Hazardous Business

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Risky Business is the story of two high school students that make a bad decision that almost gets them into all kinds of trouble. ecstatic when his parents leave for vacation for some days, high school junior Joel Goodsen ( TOM cruise) goes out with his best pal Miles. When an unsuccessful attempt at getting a girl to service a man for money goes terribly wrong, Joel becomes panicked. Distraught over the amount of money his new girlfriend pays for an impulsive act, Joel decides to run a brothel in order to pay for his mounting debts. With plenty of luck, the new business takes off and soon has several customers.

When a series of unfortunate events causes the business to go out of business, Joel returns home only to find his family has moved to Oregon. Forced to work at his uncle’s struggling diner, Joel tries desperately to hang on to the family fortune as he works his way through tough times. Working long hours, trying to pay the bills, and living with the constant threat of violence, Joel’s emotional state gets even worse when his Uncle Mike (James Russo) makes a personal visit. Forced by guilt to help his uncle, Joel agrees to work as a gofer for him and his clerk,essing other clients will be paid by way of the prostitutes in the establishment. With a shady past behind him, Joel is determined to make things right and return to his family, but will this risky business bring danger again?

The first quarter of the film has Joel and Guido working long hours. There is nothing on paper to indicate they are getting paid. The money is in the diner and Paulie’s (Philip Seymour Hoffman) credit card. The phone bill states they are receiving “payment” from “Mr. G” but no name is given. At closing, Paulie’s boss tells him he would personally be better employed elsewhere, stating they have a very goodson in the “Diner” who will be missed if he is not retained.

In the beginning of the film, we see Mr. G working long hours, often arriving early in the morning. He and Guido arrive at the diner together, handing over fifty dollars and a half tip to the call girl. Later, the call girl is taken to meet her john. She is taken back to the diner where she meets Paulie, who is waiting there with his new partner, Guido. A short time later, Paulie and Guido leave, informing their employers that they have been separated.

In a strange coincidence, the next day at the court hearing in which Paulie and Rebecca de Mornay are to be released on appeal, their former boss returns to the office to find a check for twenty-five thousand dollars missing from his desk. The judge decides that this is a case of risky business behaviour. The two girls, whose names are misspelled by the receptionist, are charged with taking part in an act of prostitution. They are sentenced to two years hard labour in a reformatory.

Years later, in an unrelated development, the same waitress who worked for the couple in the restaurant receives a threatening note from one of the clients. She worries that the two women may be sentenced to death if they go to the gallows. She makes a trip to the courthouse, only to find out that their former boss has died of a heart attack, having been described as having the “courage of their souls”. The citation needed to be printed and the ladies are free to go. On their way to the gallows, however, they are stopped by the same waiter who told them about the case, who charges them with receiving a bribe in the form of a tangerine dream.

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