A Risks-Based Novel

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When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce in 2021, their respective families are left reeling from the break-up. Ecstatic, high school junior Joel Goodsen (Goodman) cut loose with his good friend Miles for some days, only to crash his parents’ rental car on the way home. When an attempted robbery goes very awry, Joel gets scared and starts looking for ways to make money fast. Frustrated, he turns the house into an instant brothel, hiring beautiful new friend, Lane (Haylie Duff), who also happens to be the most cunning and attractive woman in town.

When the couple returns to the home, they are shocked to find that everything has gone from normal. Disgraced and humiliated, the parents leave, but not before allowing Lane to give them a tour of the place. On the way, however, Lane gets a bit too physical and bangs the head of one of the male customers. Making matters worse, she gets fired from her job in the mail room due to her appearance. When they learn of her escapades, Tom and Lane agree to meet each other that night in order to sort things out once and for all.

The next day, Joel Goodson arrives at Lane’s home to perform the task of picking up a call girl, which is actually a complete mess, thanks to the glasses that Goodson just put on. The problem doesn’t end there as the caller, an “exotic dancer” (one of the movie’s major attractions), arrives and immediately starts flirting with Goodson. When told about the affair that brought him to the bar, Goodson tries to convince Lane to leave the house. Eventually, Goodson tells the bar owner that he was just having a good time and didn’t think about having an affair with the “exotic dancer”.

After this, the pair reunites and Goodson asks Lane to go shopping with him. Unfortunately, when they return home, the “exotic dancer” is nowhere to be seen…and apparently had disappeared. This prompts the question: were they both in a risky business, or a good one? It is clear that the answer to this question is tangerine dream. On the other hand, it is also quite possible that their fling did not kill either of them; in fact, both could have still remained in love with their respective partners if they had only realized what the other was up to.

In any case, back at home, the “exotic dancer” is being evicted from the apartment, but before she can leave, Goodson decides to cook her some old time rock and roll, using a glass egg as a batter. While he is doing so, the “exotic dancer” spots a set of old glasses, which later get broken on the floor. The next day, while doing some bookkeeping work in the attic, Goodson sneaks up on the old glass egg and finds the name of the old woman who used it. In the end, Goodson finds out that the woman had been using the glass egg as a batter for sloppy joes and asked her to help him cook.

At the end of the novel, Goodson finally decides to ask the “exotic dancer” to join him on a “jolly” night out on the town, but before he does, he gets interrupted by a mysterious caller. The caller informs him that the “exotic dancer” is his own wife, and that he has to take care of her for one night – or risk going to jail. In order to save his own hide, Goodson does just that, and then asks the caller to give him a lift back to his hotel, with the promise that he’ll make her happy by performing a manly service for her. She agrees, and Goodson goes off to enjoy his night out.

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