A Risky Business? – How Not to Become a Phone Girl!

A Risky Business? – How Not to Become a Phone Girl!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the book, “The Five Money Skills” by Rebecca Mornay. This is a quick little book on how to be a more successful individual. In it, she shares with you five ways that you can make money in a more risky business, all without having to put your life savings at risk. If you’ve ever run a business that was considered risky, you will be relieved that Rebecca Mornay has shared some tips and tricks that you will not find in many other books on successful finance. In fact, this book may even change the way you look at risk!

The title of the book, “The Five Money Skills,” comes from a quote by Ben Franklin, who was an early entrepreneur. He said, “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.” That’s one of the best things that I’ve heard all along, especially in the world of finance, which is full of guys who talk a good talk but can’t back it up with action. If you need proof, just watch the stock market, and if any of these guys sound familiar, I’d go a little further than saying they’re a “good talker,” because they’re a downright bad talker!

The five money skills involved in being a successful entrepreneur are: risk-taking, preparation, determination, and brashness. As the owner and author of “The Five Money Skills,” Rebecca de Mornay provides great tips and advice on how to be more successful in any type of risky business. Her example of a risky business is running a brothel. Running a brothel isn’t as risky as it may seem, depending on how you plan it. If you set the brothel up as a strictly social service, and provide interesting women with very high morals, the brothel will most likely succeed.

Some other examples of a risky business include operating a high-end brothel in Lake Michigan. Although Lake Michigan is a great place for hookers, it also attracts a good portion of tourists who want to see the wild side of Michigan. If your brothel attracts people looking for work, you could easily have people from all over the country walk all over it, hooking up and going through all of your services. However, if you keep the brothel strictly a ladies’ only establishment, and don’t open it to the public, then you won’t attract nearly as many clients!

Another example of a risky business is running a call girl service from a home in Lake Michigan. Although many people assume that anyone who lives on the water is automatically a master at impressing women, this simply isn’t true. While it would be easy to put a bunch of gold waiting to be hooked up with a person who wanted to pay extra for something as trivial as a phone call, calling a live person on the line might cost a little more than just shooting a video online. Any time you rent a space in Lake Michigan, or any other location in the world for that matter, you have to be careful about who you let inside your property. After all, even if the people who answer the phones are locals, customers and tourist guests, they could still come back from a trip overseas and offer to pay you for the use of their hotel rooms!

The final example of a risky business is a night of pampering at one of the numerous brothels located along state highways. In order to start a business such as a hooker/call girl service, you have to have quite a few legitimate clients. Some cities have their own laws preventing prostitution within city limits, but there may be local ordinances that prohibit drive-by’s and certain types of advertising on the street. It helps to have references and a business license for all of your work, but it’s a risk that you really don’t need to take. If you’ve always wanted to earn some extra money in your free time, a night of cleaning houses and driving around town for hookers is a great way to do it!

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