Adding Some Color to Your Business Casual Wardrobe

Adding Some Color to Your Business Casual Wardrobe

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Business casual is often an ambiguous term defined by a few distinct elements of a proper business suit, typically regarded as business casual wear but with certain key elements of a proper lounge wardrobe from more traditional, white-collar workplaces to less formal, casual office environments. Today, business casual clothing for men can be very fashionable and appropriate for all types of business settings. Business casual clothing can also encompass much of the business attire that women often put on for a night out on the town. The following article offers tips on how to select the proper business casual wardrobe for the workplace.

When it comes to men’s business casual attire, there are four main items that every man should own. The top in this list is a nice shirt. While it’s perfectly fine for a man to wear a dress shirt under a business suit, it’s not necessary. A nice, buttoned up shirt with a good pair of trousers in a clean color is perfectly acceptable for most workplaces. It’s just a good idea to avoid dress shirts with pleats, pockets, or other design features that are seen as business casual. Additionally, it’s important to always remember to arrive at work in a clean, pressed suit that will not be stained by liquids or mud.

One other very important business casual piece of clothing for men is a pair of solid, dry, dress shoes. There’s no way around the importance of appropriate shoes. Even if they’re being worn inside a pair of slacks, business shoes should be kept polished and well-sealed to help protect the wearer’s feet and legs from the hazards of office equipment or locker room antics. Shoes from good fashion designers are available in both traditional and casual styles so there’s a shoe to fit any wardrobe.

Men also need to have a few accessories on hand to complete their basic wardrobe. For a more conservative look, men can opt for a casual vest, a belt, or a leather jacket. When buying a new coat or sweater, though, men shouldn’t go shopping for the latest style at the first store they visit. Instead, they should choose an item that they like and then visit a few other stores in their area to see if they can find the same item at a better price. By spending a little time searching for deals, you’ll be able to add the final touches to your business attire and impress your co-workers with what you’ve got going on in your wardrobe.

Even though you shouldn’t be concerned with your outfit’s style right off the bat, you should still take into consideration the color of your business clothes. The color of your clothing should match the business you wear and the industry you’re in. For example, if you work in a conservative firm that’s run by a few females, you probably don’t want to wear bold, bright outfits like a frumpy nurse or a frumpy salesman. Likewise, if you work in a more muscular, edgier company, you could wear a slightly more fitted jacket over your business trousers and stylish oxfords over your black business shoes. Although some women might consider these outfits too much, they’re a great way to break up a monotony and wear something different for every day.

Since most business attire these days is short, it’s important to have some staple pieces like a pair of white or black slacks and a shirt in your wardrobe. The black slacks will go with just about anything, whether it’s a business suit or a crisp, white shirt. A dark blouse, on the other hand, can complete your ensemble as long as it’s a reasonably classic style. For a more casual look, pair your white or black slacks with a brightly colored blouse or dress.

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