Amazon Business Account – Instant Income!

Amazon Business Account – Instant Income!

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Amazon Web Services, or AWS as it is known in short, is an internet-based service based hosting provider that provides numerous solutions for businesses. Amazon Web Services provides a platform to host and provide connectivity to a wide range of internet-connected applications and services. It began as an internet application development and hosting service, but today it has expanded into almost every aspect of business that requires internet infrastructure and computing power.

Amazon Web Services offers several free business accounts to use for your online ventures. A free business account gives you access to specialized tools and features that are only available to paid members. Amazon BusinessSense, an add-on feature for new businesses, is free to new customers. Amazon Business Analytics provides statistics that are invaluable to the operations of your online business.

Amazon Web Services also offers two free business account options, the quantity discounts and the free shipping. The Quantity Discount Program allows you to set a maximum order quantity for any product and then reduce the cost per item sold. If a customer places an order within your quantity discount limit, you will refund the difference in price between the lowest price charged for the item and the amount you would charge to ship the item to the customer. For any other type of online business, this would result in an automatic decrease in the prices you charge to your customers.

The free same-day and two-day shipping options are very valuable when it comes to selling products on the Amazon marketplace. A customer can make a single purchase and then have the item shipped right away. This can be a huge advantage in terms of speed and flexibility. The next day delivery and same-day shipping options can save you both time and money when it comes to managing and shipping orders.

On the other hand, the free same-day and two-day shipping and twenty-four hour customer support and assistance is also very valuable when it comes to running your Amazon business account. There are times when something could go wrong with your product or there may be an error in the order information. Amazon provides excellent customer support and response to questions. This is valuable in keeping your customers happy and satisfied so they will return to purchase other items from you again.

With the volume of customers you will have, having an Amazon business account that has a twenty four hour customer support option will be well worth the investment. If you do not have this option at all, purchasing a free same-day and two-day shipping option will be well worth the cost. The volume and variety of items you can sell on the Amazon marketplace will ensure that you always have profitable and hot selling products to draw in your customers. And once you have a large customer base, you will find it extremely easy to convert your customers into repeat or downline customers.

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