An Overview of the Halloween Movies to Make Your Skincrawl

An Overview of the Halloween Movies to Make Your Skincrawl

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The first of the Halloween movie franchises that I am going to introduce to you is of course, the Harry Potter series. The books had a great start, and made some serious waves on the book industry. But they never had a hit until The Wizard of Oz came out. This franchise has been around ever since the first movie came out, and has been getting better with each sequel. The newest in the series, The Dark Tower, is sure to be a hit.

Another of the more successful of the halloween franchise is the Rambo movies. Robert Downey Jr. gave us one of the best antihero roles of all time when he played this character, and he continues to be a strong presence in the series to this day. The success of the Rambo series is probably owed to the success of the Rambo movie itself, because the success of Rambo paved the way for the Rambo sequel, Rambo Part 2.

Finally, there is the horror genre and the horror movie franchise that I am most interested in. I have always liked this genre, and this year is no different. The Saw series is going to keep us on the edge of our seats, as they are about to deliver us another spooky installment. While the film didn’t do well at the box office, it definitely lives up to the expectations of horror fans everywhere.

In the second half of the’1978 Halloween Special’, we got the much anticipated follow up to the hit film, Rambo. While the film didn’t quite live up to the success of the first film, it still managed to entertain and thrill. The late George C. Scott was also a good addition to the cast, and his appearance did not disappoint. The late Michael Douglas added much needed depth to the characters, and his roles helped to make the film a much more credible and exciting film.

In my opinion, the best part of this list is the horror films that didn’t make the cut. I’m including the lesser known ones here because they just aren’t as entertaining or scary as some of the better films that came out during this time period. Of course, there are some obvious choices here as well, but the reasoning is that a lot of the better films that followed in this era were made by studios that have since been taken over by the Walt Disney Company. Therefore, they are lesser known and less enjoyable to watch today.

So, I hope that this short article helps you narrow down your search for that perfect Halloween costume. From the early 70s to the present, there have been many great movies that I would recommend to any fan of the Halloween tradition. If you want to see my favorite films, check out my website.

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