Benefits of Removing Anything From Your Home

Benefits of Removing Anything From Your Home

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The truth of a minimalist lifestyle, as stated by Henry David Thoreau in his book “Walden”, is getting rid of everything that isn’t needed and focusing instead on the things which are. It’s really that simple, but how can you live it so it doesn’t feel like a prison? I mean, there aren’t any walls, right? So how do you get through it? I’ve spoken to experts about this and here are their suggestions.

The true essence of a minimalist lifestyle would be removing everything which isn’t needed and focusing instead on the essentials. Henry David Thoreau did us a great favor by introducing the term minimalist living, which exposed the simplicity of intentional simplicity. Minimalist living, as described by the philosophy of deliberate simplicity, is all about purposeful removal. The removal of excess or unnecessary baggage makes your space feel lighter and more spacious.

It’s all about knowing what is important and then focusing on that. This is very similar to the principle of frugality which emphasizes reducing unnecessary expenditure in order to live a more comfortable and contented life. But the difference here is that with minimalism, the goal is not to live simple but to live deliberately. And intentionality is always connected to simpliceness and so minimalism becomes not just less but also more clear.

Some experts advise going back to basics: to return to the basics and make minimalist design the core of your minimalist lifestyle. For instance, many of the homes built today are made out of high-gloss surfaces and embellished with artwork and decorative elements which add nothing to the home’s functionality. Some of these homes even have wall-to-wall carpeting and expensive hardwood flooring. These homes may look minimalist but they lack functionality because they lack the minimal basics that minimalist design is focused on.

What is needed then is a mindset shift. Minimalists need to focus on their space and the true essence of minimalist living. Practicality and necessity must be set against creativity and imagination. Minimalists will then be able to create truly functional and aesthetically pleasing homes that enhance their daily lives.

As you can see, the benefits of having a minimalist lifestyle are both mental and physical. You will enjoy more clarity in your thoughts and you will also find yourself enjoying a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. In addition to these benefits, by removing anything or even any element which has become unnecessary or adds nothing to your home, you will be able to create a space that looks completely different and which will improve your enjoyment of that space.

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