Book Review: Risks – The Risky Business of Living in Today’s Times

Book Review: Risks – The Risky Business of Living in Today’s Times

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“The life I lead isn’t a life I planned, but a life that ran out of options.” This is a stunning and heart-rending novel by Rebecca De Mornay. In Hard to Get Rich, Rebecca De Mornay takes us back in time to the year she was just eleven years old. At this young age, her father was not in a financial position to fund her education, so she left home and with the money she received from a cash lottery ticket, enrolled in a daycare. Once there, she discovered that she had an aptitude for math and science and soon began teaching at an even more prestigious school, while juggling her day job.

Now in her late twenties, Rebecca De Mornay has built herself a fortune, retired, and lives in lake Michigan, waiting for her son to join her. She has achieved everything she ever wanted out of life, only to discover that success was not without risks. With the help of her mother, Cicely, and a new friend, Lisa Charlemagne, Rebecca gets out into the public arena once again where she runs into people both famous and infamous and is thrust into the spotlight once again. This time, however, as the target of a series of dangerous “accidents,” she is no longer in control of any part of her life; nor is she what she used to be.

Hard to Get Rich prompts this latest adventure in the life of the famous writer with the daring name, Cicely Costello. Once the celebrated writer’s agent, Cameron Crowe offers her an opportunity that will change her career and personal life forever. The opportunity comes in the form of a well-dressed “brickman” who knows just what it takes to get a young woman like Rebecca in his employ. But, just how does this bold, inexperienced, and seemingly unconventional candidate manage to land her dream job? Is her boldness and confidence what really makes her the one-of-a-kind brickman?

It’s no surprise that The Risks of Working with a Brickman for so many years brings back feelings of teenage love, hooker-land excitement, and the promise of a better, simpler life. The novel starts off when a group of hookers rob a bank, causing a large amount of damage. It seems that the neighborhood is on the verge of going up in smoke, but when one of the hookers is asked to leave, she decides to stick around and finish what she started. While she slowly starts to rebuild her reputation and trust with her new neighbors, a series of unfortunate events leads her to find herself caught in the middle of one of the biggest illegal drug raids ever conducted in the history of the United States. When the FBI agents raid her place of employment, they quickly discover her past identity and learn that she has been working with a notorious brickman named Bob Seger.

As the steam and smoke from the previous robbery clears, the townspeople still have doubts about the morality of a woman who was involved in running an illegal brothel. One of the local police detectives assigned to the case, Trooper Patrick Swayze, soon discovers that she knew Bob Seger for several years, and had even been to visit him in jail while hooking him out of his own business for a large sum of money. Though the discovery is shocking, the relationship between Swayze and Bob Seger soon begins to draw the attention of local authorities, leading them to the location of Bob Seger’s brothel-a warehouse on the eastern side of Lake Michigan, where they bust in and arrest Seger and his two alleged hookers.

The Risks of Working with a Brickman picks up after the arrests. Two more hookers run away from the authorities and one of the Lake Michigan police detectives, Frank Furillo, tracks them down. Along the way, they learn that Seger ran a brothel out of his warehouse and they also discover that the climate change initiative that has been trying to help make the Midwest more hospitable for migrating farmers is also at risk of being killed. Meanwhile, Seger’s brother, Sam, returns home from serving time in jail and becomes a suspect in the case, putting both his life and the climate change initiative in jeopardy.

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