Book Review – “Risky Business With Phil Collin” By Jim Marquis

Book Review – “Risky Business With Phil Collin” By Jim Marquis

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“Risky Business” is an interesting book by Rebecca M. De Mornay. In this book she portrays a couple of characters who own a high stakes no deposit poker game. They initially start the game as professionals and make a lot of money, until one of them – the woman – loses her wager, and has to wait until it redempts itself. This book contains many short stories, and some are very funny, while others are thought-provoking. Some of the characters were so real to me that I felt like I was part of them, and that they were actually my friends.

“Risky Business: A Woman’s Guide to Succeed in the Unusual Business of Risk” by Rebecca M. De Mornay is a quick read, with entertaining characters and an easy-to-read style of writing. The author starts out by giving us an account of how she and her husband started their business together, in a small bookstore in upstate New York. The novel then chronicles their trials and triumphs, as they try to make money by playing online slot machines. What I really like about this book is that there is a lot of back-story, which gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the life of De Mornay and her friends. As you read her experiences in the no deposit poker game, you get a look into what it’s really like to play such games, and how she and her friends make money from their exploits.

The best thing I thought of about “Risky Business” is how it accurately depicts the nature of the no deposit slot machines. These games have a long tradition of being high risk, exciting affairs where the payoff is often slim, if it at all. The casinos that offer these games are constantly looking for ways to make them more attractive to customers. While this probably isn’t the best way to increase their profits, the casinos can at least take credit for popularizing the game.

“Risky Business” takes a unique look at the no deposit slot machine game, using the story of a group of young men who travel across the country in order to win some big money. Bob is the captain of the team, and he is described as a bull riding, hard drinking, womanizing entrepreneur. He wants to start his own company, but he isn’t too sure about the whole “no deposit” thing. He talks to his friends about the risks involved with such an endeavor, and one of them, a young woman named Terence, gives him the advice of a friend. At first, Bob isn’t sure what she’s talking about, but he quickly realizes she knows a lot about the risky business of slot machines.

Bob has his eye on a girl he met named Terence. She works as a waitress at a local cafe, and he tries to talk her into getting involved in no deposit gaming at a casino. Her alcoholic father thinks that gambling is a dangerous way of making money, so she’s very resistant to the idea. When her parents leave to go on a fishing trip, Bob and Terence drive across country in order to see her. When they return, they find that Terence’s mom has hooked herself on the slot machines, and she’s ready to leave town.

The next day, though, she’s already set up at a motel near a popular highway. She meets Bob in the lobby, and he quickly notices that she’s a little drunk. Before he can stop her, she picks up a glass of wine and starts kissing him. “How long have you been seeing this girl?” he asks, and she says that she hasn’t been seeing anyone but him.

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