Business Insider – Becoming the Largest Business News Site in the World

Business Insider – Becoming the Largest Business News Site in the World

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Business Insider is an American online business news site founded in 2021. Today it is one of the largest business websites covering US businesses. In 2021, a then 20 year old Michael Cohen created the first employee leasing company. Today Business Insider has grown into one of the biggest business portals covering not just the US economy but also around the world. As of July, it had more than eight million unique visitors a month.

In July of 2021, Michael Cohen sold his shares of Business Insider to the German owned business insider organization Blodget. Blodget is now one of the world’s largest business portals covering all economies, sectors and market categories including the US economy. A majority of shares (around 62 percent) of Business Insider were sold to Blodget for a reported price of around seven hundred million dollars. Michael Cohen is the founder and executive editor of Business Insider. The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily are business magazines owned by Investor’s Business Daily.

A few weeks ago, Michael Cohen, who is now Executive Editor of Blodget, sent out a notice to all employees stating that the business Insider home page would be undergoing changes. Among the changes is a change to a URL based on the term Wall Street. There is also mention of new features which will be added “in the near future.” There is no word from Mr. Cohens as to what these new features will be.

This latest development comes as little surprise to me. As an entrepreneur I have watched the evolution of Business Insider over the last two years. My business newsletter alerted readers to the changing times at which we could view our company and other companies. We advertised changes to the home page such as adding Wall Street and New York City to the list of countries where you can invest in business news. Even after those changes were implemented, the website continued to attract a significant amount of traffic from around the world.

In recent months, due to increasing focus on international investments in China, specifically with regard to the Chinese Real Estate market, the amount of traffic the website receives has significantly increased. Additionally, the addition of a currency converter to the home page has helped to draw even more visitors to the website. In fact, in the last six months there has been a significant amount of foreign traffic originating from China. The growth of the Chinese business market has been directly associated to the growing popularity of the investment and trading industry which is associated with the Chinese version Business Insider. As I have written before, having the largest business news site in the world does not necessarily translate into the best business or investment opportunities.

As we have seen, Michael Cohen, the founder and editor of Blodget, realized the need for an updated and more engaging content for his web publication. This new content was done in response to requests from readers who were disappointed with the previous two incarnations of Blodget. In addition to revamping the website, Michael realized that it was in everyone’s best interest to create a new platform for attracting new customers. Since then, Michael and his team have worked hard to create a new image and to differentiate themselves from the other web sites that are available to consumers on the internet. Although it took some time and effort, the new design of the Blodget website has helped to attract new customers as well as to attract more visitors to the actual site itself.

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