Business Suits for Different Business Occasions

Business Suits for Different Business Occasions

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A business suit is usually a simple pair of clothing consisting of a shirt, jacket, or trousers, often with a matching tie. It was once considered formal wear in Western modern dress codes, when all of the same coloured fabric, matched with a matching necktie, dress shoes, and necktie, was considered appropriate. However, these days this is not the case. Business suits are often seen as business casual, perhaps because the vast majority of jobs involve an office environment.

But business suits can still be smart and impressive; just not always considered formal wear. For example, at a recent business conference, where a number of senior managers from various companies attended, many of them were wearing either a black or navy suit. This was very stylish, especially considering that most of them were in their 70s. And while this may be seen as old school, it is certainly no longer the exception.

A business suit typically consists of a jacket and trousers, though there are instances where a white or gray jacket is acceptable. The colour of the jacket and the trousers is often selected to match the type of shoes worn, or to complement the suit colour. For instance, black trousers and a black jacket would look great together, but would not look out of place with red trousers and a red jacket. The same principle applies for scarves and socks. Again, the colour of the material does not matter as long as the shade is complementary.

A white or gray suit is an excellent choice for casual wear, such as weekends. For office wear, however, a more dressy style of suit is more appropriate. For a suit with a conservative look, a white or gray suit, with or without a tie clip, is quite smart. As for the tie, black is the ultimate ‘business’ colour and looks good with all sorts of dress shirts, as well as neckties. However, avoid wearing black tie with white shirt, as the colour simply clashes. A better choice is to wear a dark coloured necktie with a light coloured shirt.

For business attire for more formal occasions such as weddings or corporate events, a more tailored look is usually required. Avoid bright, patterned colours and keep the accessories to a minimum, if any. Simple dress pants are ideal, as they give the body the look of a finished product. Black business attire is always sophisticated and never fails to impress.

A basic black suit, with or without a tie, is also a safe choice. Avoid dark, patterned, tuxedo-style trousers, as these tend to be too fancy for the conservative. Instead, opt for simple, elegant, quality suits that fit properly, with the right fit, cut and style of collar and tie.

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