Can Blogs Help My Native Advertising Business?

Can Blogs Help My Native Advertising Business?

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Business Insider is an American business and financial news site launched in 2021 by a pair of online entrepreneurs. Since then, a sizeable chunk of the parent company, Insider Inc., has been taken over by the German news organization, Axel Springer. It now runs several major international editions. It was one of the very first business blogs online.

The business insider website allows us to connect directly with our valued customers and our enterprise partners. This gives us the ability to get the information we need from industry experts in real-time. From our innovative real-time reporting, we get insights on emerging trends and key issues from the experts themselves. From there, it is simple to forward-process the information and share it with all those interested.

With a new year upon us, it is high time for us to look at how technology and its influence has impacted our lives. One such area of impact is the area of digital media. Business Insider, together with its sister publication, The Wall Street Journal, has made great strides forward when it comes to incorporating digital content. In particular, it allows us to get breaking news stories from around the world, from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many others.

As for the business news that interests us most, let us name but a few. Earlier this month, we noted the publication of an article in Businessweek that details how social media has impacted the search engine rankings for many popular sites. On Twitter, for instance, blodget experienced a three-day drop in its search engine ranking; subsequently, the company’s stock price declined. In the same breath, at the time of posting the article, blodget noted that it “now ranks number seven among search engine overall,” up from number twenty-three a year earlier.

We also found another publication, the Financial Times, whose digital media efforts appear to be headed in the same direction as blodget and Business Insider. At the Financial Times, editors are experimenting with using Twitter as a news outlet, with the hopes of turning this blogging tool into a new print magazine. The Wall Street Journal recently published a story on its Web site on how digital media is impacting the Wall Street Journal’s business newsgathering operation. In the piece, the Wall Street Journal noted that its “digital-only” blog had “kept pace” with the growth of the blogging platform Twitter, which now serves as a vehicle for many corporations and small businesses to connect directly with their readers.

So, whether we are interested in blodget’s “exclusive” look at the new year’s resolutions for business, the impact of Twitter on the stock market, or the challenges of a shrinking economy, we are likely to find a few articles on blogs, or possibly even tweets about these topics. And, just as Business Insider does, we may even see an advertising program based on it that begins to roll out in the near future. It certainly seems that blogs are here to stay, and as digital media matures, they’ll likely only become more relevant and useful.

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