Casino Movie Review – A Dreamy Sequel to the Very Successful Casino

Casino Movie Review – A Dreamy Sequel to the Very Successful Casino

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Casino Movie. Probably the most famous movie in history! It spawned a franchise and was made by one of Hollywood’s most prolific director, Steven Spielberg. It’s been made into television series (the excellent ‘Desperate Housewives’ series), video games and even an animated cartoon…but what is truly memorable about Casino?

The story (or lack thereof) is as follows: a wealthy friend of yours (we’ll give you neither his name nor his location) disappears and has been replaced by a talking dog (that really does get annoying). Now, he’s determined to get back at his nemesis by any means necessary. You see, he owns a big casino that employs hundreds, if not thousands, of people (including the ‘precious few who work there on a daily basis); he also has some very powerful enemies. The film drags you into the whole setup quite well, almost like it was written by a Coen brothers writer.

But, it’s the acting that steals the show. Sure, Steven Spielberg obviously has a lot of experience with this genre but anyone who has watched the movie knows that Tim Matheson is simply amazing. His character seems to be the ultimate expert at everything; from playing a perfect game of blackjack (he plays like a maniac), to figuring out how to get the drop tables right (there’s a lot of background music that’s interspersed with the action). Also, the supporting cast is fantastic. Diane Lane is absolutely magnificent in the role of the casino owner’s wife, while James Belushi and Susan Sarandon are perfect as the odd couple that always find themselves in each other’s company.

But it’s Tim Matheson’s writing and directing that takes the film to the next level. Casino is like a dream, or at least a really vivid version of that state. Everything seems to perfectly fit together, and when you’re not watching, you’re still very much aware of what’s going on. The visualized casino world is so real that you could almost feel that pressure, the air pressure created by all those neon lights, and all of the people running around, trying to make a buck… it’s quite overwhelming. But somehow, that overwhelming feeling never becomes a burden, it only becomes an exhilarating experience.

The only complaint that I have is that the movie, at times, can get a little too slow. There were times when the pace picked up too much, with a number of long scenes taking place between each set of shots. Luckily, most of the scenes were brief, but still, I wanted more. Other than that, this movie is great… it’s just not the greatest movie out there, in my opinion.

All in all, Casino is an awesome film. It’s well worth seeing, if only for the experience of watching Tim Matheson at his best. And if you do decide to see it, make sure you bring a deck of cards! This casino movie is one of my favorites of all time…

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