Cloud of Guzzle (Movie Review)

Cloud of Guzzle (Movie Review)

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The Clouds Movie is a powerful work of art from acclaimed directorne Lessa Kohlberg. This is one of the few films you should consider renting instead of passing on. Teenager Zach Sobiech fronted the band A Firm Handshake, and they recently released the amazing song “Clouds.” It’s easy to see why this movie has been drawing rave reviews from critics and fans of both music and cinema. Here are some of my thoughts about the movie that doesn’t end up being on many critics’ lists:

First, it’s really hard not to be impressed by Cloud. The colors, the images, the overall style, everything about Cloud is very peaceful, and it makes you feel like you’re in a tranquil environment. Of course, this doesn’t make much sense if you’ve seen any of Lessa Kohlberg’s previous work, but that’s part of what makes the film so refreshing. There’s just something about the paintings and the photography that makes you feel like it’s another world.

Secondly, one of the greatest things about Cloud is how it inspires us to look at the world differently. Lessa Kohlberg manages to turn the simple image of clouds into something that inspires us to ask deeper questions about life. Does God exist? Why are clouds green? These are only some of the topics that you get to explore in this movie.

What also makes this film so special is its music, which comes in a wide variety of genres. It touches on rap, rock, pop, folk, and alternative music, with some surprising twists and turns. I especially liked the songs by Fait By: Benita and El Encinitron. They have some fantastic beats that sound like nothing else.

A big thing that makes me appreciate the clouds in Cloud is how they’re presented. Music videos aren’t normally thought-provoking. Usually, they just revolve around the subject matter of the film. With Cloud however, Fait By and the other musicians take you on an epic journey through the clouds. You’ll hear a simple phrase, then something dramatic, then a snippet from a song, then a snippet from a musical number.

Clouds of Guzzle is sure to be a fun and exciting movie for you to watch. If you have an open mind, you’re sure to appreciate it. If not, well… you’ll just be bored to tears watching this movie!

This movie is loaded with great visual symbolism, music, and emotion. Lots of symbolism. I especially loved the imagery toward the end of the film. You see the clouds turned into a funeral cortina. It’s beautiful and poetic.

The film simply has it all. The visuals are vibrant and entertaining, and the story is emotional and moving. Don’t miss Cloud of Guzzle. Trust me… you won’t regret it.

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