Clouds Movie Review – A Good Movie With Good storyline

Clouds Movie Review – A Good Movie With Good storyline

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If you are looking for a neat and tidy review of the Clouds Movie, then you will not be disappointed. In fact, the movie is full of fun and excitement. A new adventure in the world of cinema, it depicts a day in the life of a brilliant but nerdy high school student called Travis bobsolsky (Hayden Panetto). As time progresses, we get to learn more about Travis and his friends and find out that they are deeply involved in Cloud Computing. This leads them to solve mysteries and go on one wild goose chase after another.

The storyline is written in a very realistic way. It is a nice touch that the plot revolves around a real incident that has impacted all the characters. The novel is peppered with humorous moments as well. There are no religious implications in the movie at all and the message is very much relevant in today’s times. It also tackles the issues of sharing ideas, working in teams, dealing with social anxiety as well as the value of an open mind.

The movie has many movie scenes that everyone can relate to. It takes you right down to earth and makes you feel for the characters. The climatic scenes are real and you can sense the sweat dripping from every pore. The virtual reality scenes are very interesting and work well along with the other elements of the movie.

The animation quality of the Clouds Movie is good for its time. It is not animated in any way but the images look fairly real. The overall movie length is not short but neither is it boring. The story is logical and does not have too many unnecessary scenes that take away from the main theme.

The music in the Clouds Movie is great. It adds to the mood of the movie. The songs are catchy and do not appear generic or cliched. The themes are universal and relevant. The music fits the mood to the movie seamlessly.

Overall, the Clouds Movie is worth a watch. It is well worth watching if only because of the amazing movie scenes. Watching this movie once will surely be one of your favorites. It will slowly leave you in complete awe of how realistic it is. You cannot help but to be immersed in the virtual world created here.

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