Clouds Movie Star Review

Clouds Movie Star Review

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If you like comedies, then Clouded with the Clouds movie should be on your must-see list. This is the adaptation of a Chinese novel that was made into a famous Chinese film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Though not exactly a comedy, the movie nonetheless manages to be a good film no matter what type of viewers it may have. And even if you aren’t a comedy buff, you will probably find this movie funny.

The movie is about two best friends who get caught up in an international incident in which they are accused of hurting China’s reputation abroad. They then spend the rest of the film getting more upset as the international media discovers that they are the main suspects. This international incident is what leads them on a wild goose chase through the city and the country. Because they are so mad at each other, they end up doing things that they normally wouldn’t do which, of course, makes them even more hated.

The movie is very funny for a movie without much humor, and the acting is quite good too. Brad Pitt turns in a good role as David Kleinfeld, the head of security at an international airport, where he keeps an eye on the activities of the “blitz dogs” (those evil guys that disrupt traffic by scaring people and blowing into tunnels). Jolie and Pitt are both good at playing the roles they are given, and their chemistry as friends and on screen partners is great. But this movie would never have been possible without the excellent screenplay to ground this movie as a whole.

With that in mind, I want to give my Clouded with the Clouds movie review a more in depth look at the storyline and what takes place throughout the film. The movie begins with a prologue that sets up the main conflict that we so quickly come to discover later in the film. This prologue gives us a good idea of what happens throughout the rest of the movie, including what makes David Kleinfeld become the head of security at LAX. The story then jumps ahead six years to present day, and David is now the single father of two teenage girls, Katya and Gabriella.

When the two teenage girls begin attending their new school, David and Katya become fast friends. While hanging out with their friends, David gets to know his best friend, Elmo, better, and when Elmo’s babysitter decides to come to the school that David and Katya are going to, David picks up on the babysitter’s bad temper and asks her to take the girls home. When the babysitter refuses, David lets her know that he has a better option. The babysitter then tells David that she can’t take the girls home because she lives across the street. Shortly thereafter, Elmo returns, and David is understandably upset about the whole situation.

At this point in the movie, it is revealed that David and Katya have been living with their grandmother for the past year, and David’s mother is dating one of their neighbors. This upsets both David and Katya, and they want to break off the relationship, but their grandmother refuses to allow it. This forces David and Katya to sit out the rest of the summer, as their grandmother is irate about breaking the no-nanny contract. The grandma then decides that David and Katya should move in with her, which almost makes them hate each other, but “The clouds write words”, and they end up loving each other.

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