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The Cloud Movie is a 2021 action/adventure film directed by Alexandre Oprea. The film follows a young woman named Claire who lives in a small town in the mountains. She has an aunt that owns a watering hole called Claws. The watering hole becomes a hideout for Claire and her aunt while her parents are away on a vacation. While there she meets a man named Maxim who appears to be quite the nice guy.

However, when it becomes apparent that Claire and Maxim are actually in love with each other, they decide to get married and go on a honeymoon. Things go bad, however, when the wedding guest turns out to be a vicious bear who tries to kill them. Their struggle comes to a violent conclusion when the bear decides to eat the wedding cake which Claire and Maxim were just about to eat… As a result, Claire and Maxim’s relationship goes from love story romance to disaster comedy.

The movie itself is quite enjoyable… It has a number of thrilling action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The storyline is exciting and the acting is really good. No one has ever complained about the acting in this movie… The movie also has some great special effects and is well animated.

However, some of the special effects become a little redundant at points. And while the special effects are there, they are not that impressive. The special effects also pale in comparison to some of the fighting scenes in the movie. There are moments where you think the director could have used a bit more background sounds, but they are cut short. The music is forgettable at points, and the movie would have been better had it had more upbeat music. It just did not fit the action-filled mood that the movie had.

I do give the movie points for having some pretty amazing animation. The backgrounds in the Clouds movie are very well done. They are colorful and detailed, and look like real place. I especially liked the closeups of the cumulus clouds at the beginning of the movie. The other nice aspect about Clouds is the comical story told at the end. It made me laugh out loud several times…

Overall, I recommend Clouds. But try to avoid watching this movie with a big bottle of munchies near by… You will probably get a food fight with your friends afterwards. Trust me.

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