Collecting Old Movie Memorabilia

Collecting Old Movie Memorabilia

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“Old Hollywood” is one of the most recognizable names in the history of motion pictures. From its humble beginnings in 1903, the advent of sound films to the advent of color television, it has come a long way. Nowadays it is often forgotten and only knows to be remembered as one of the most wonderful creations of man. But what is it about this classic that seems to be timeless? More importantly, what is it about old movies that is so appealing?

Old Hollywood was all about anti-heroes, villains and the evil pharmaceutical corporations. A great classic is “Penny Loman” from Disney which just had a release thirty years ago but seems to have held on to its popularity. A comedy about a corrupt attorney who runs a crooked drug store that he owns and is involved in a lot of crimes, he is out to get at his enemies fast and wants to catch the bad guy. However, he ends up getting more than he bargained for when two men come to pick up his wife. The ex-cop detective in charge of investigating the case is assigned to work with the corrupt jeweler who is the target of the double murder. Together they foil the evil plans and save the beautiful young lady.

Another great old movie with a super ending is “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Steve McQueen. This is a wonderful film from the time when James Bond was still a simple man and Bruce Fleming was still a master. The story revolves around an evil pharmaceutical corporation that plans to poison the world’s water supply with a chemical that will kill everyone. Only Bond and his associate, a British agent called Peeters, know of the danger and the best way to stop the crime.

One of the best old movies stars of the century is Marilyn Monroe. She is one of the classic beauty and her popularity continues to this day. Her beauty and her roles in movies have made her a legend. If you want to collect old movie memorabilia based on her films, then you should definitely check out her rare and valuable autographed photos.

One more great old movie star is Clark Gable. He is an actor who has appeared in some of Hollywood’s best movies. His best role was in “Gentleman’s Agreement”, but he also appeared in “Of Human Bondage” and “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. He has always remained a classy and attractive man and his love life is just as good as it was in his day. His love life in particular has left a strong impression on many people and as a result, he is still popular today.

Old movies stars are not only fun to watch but are also good lessons in film making. Most of the classic movies were actually directed by masters of their time and they did a fantastic job of capturing the imagination of their audience. Some of these movies are well preserved and can be seen in video stores everywhere. Other older movies may be harder to find, but you can always start your search at the VHS tape stores near you, and you will be amazed at all that you find.

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