Comcast Business Services and Add-Ons For Small Business

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Comcast Business is part of Comcast, a diversified global service provider known for cable, phone, and high-speed internet. Comcast Business is a division of Comcast, which, in various incarnations, has served the advertising, sales, and even delivery of cable, phone, and Internet to individuals as well as businesses. In 2021, Comcast Business nearly tripled its revenues, growing by 34% to reach $2.4billion in revenue. The most recent financial filings by Comcast are for its Comcast Spectacor division, which was responsible for programming and sales for the NBC Universal channels. In June of 2021, Comcast acquired the majority stake in CableVision, the pioneer digital video distributor, for a reported price of around $5.6billion. The purchase completed the acquisition of the final remaining pieces required for a complete business partnership with CableVision, which at that time provided broadband and digital video services to just about every single residential customer in the United States.

When considering the advantages of having Comcast Business as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) consider how it differs from your local providers, especially when it comes to providing broadband internet services. Many providers have extremely slow speeds that are unsatisfactory to users. Comcast’s broadband internet services are top of the line, delivering extremely fast speeds and unparalleled customer service. You can stream videos, watch movies, listen to music, download and even share videos and photos – all without the use of a dial up modem or expensive wired internet connections. Because Comcast’s broadband internet is ‘always on’, you never have to worry about a sudden drop in internet speeds, even if you have an extremely high usage rate.

Another important advantage that Comcast offers to small businesses is that they are exceptionally reliable. Their broadband internet access works quickly and is always on, providing customers with virtually unbreakable internet connection. In fact, many small businesses that choose to go with the Comcast business cable TV service actually experience greater levels of web access and overall internet availability than would be possible without Comcast. Many companies that rely on traditional methods of telecommunication and broadcasting can experience a drastic decline in their company’s bottom line when one of their valued clients decides to move and take their company with them. By not having to worry about these types of issues, Comcast ensures that their customers do not lose business or their place in the sun because of a network issue.

In addition to providing the consumer with the speed of light internet services, Comcast also offers entertainment options that many people may find valuable. The Comcast digital television service provides a diverse array of channels that are sure to fit the interests of almost any consumer. This year, Comcast will feature more than two hundred and fifty channels, making it one of the most popular cable television services today. Additionally, Comcast is the only cable television company that offers the top ranked premium channels available in high definition format. High definition TV programming is growing in popularity with both consumers and businesses, making Comcast’s lineup of high quality channels more appealing to viewers. In fact, Comcast has ranked itself as the fourth best value provider for high def channels according to estimates from consultants.

Comcast also offers the most robust and reliable set top box office services available, something that most small businesses simply can’t afford. The Comcast Business Essentials package has been rated as the best value for money among cable services and it is expanding upon its impressive capabilities year after year. The most basic of Comcast Business packages provides twenty four hour technical support, toll free numbers, free installation and an integrated voice mail service. The Business Essentials package is the perfect choice for any type of small business, especially those who are just starting out and need an all around service provider. In fact, Comcast Business Essentials is one of the most widely used business services among small businesses, helping them to grow and achieve their goals on a daily basis.

While all cable companies offer some type of broadband internet access, no other company can match the features and benefits that come with Comcast Business. The most popular service among Comcast customers is the excellent in home television service. The outstanding digital picture quality coupled with incredible programming and added special features such as automatic program guide, channel browsing and video on demand makes Comcast the number one choice for millions of households in America. In fact, many small businesses prefer the excellent reception and customer service that comes with Comcast instead of competitors such as Charter or AT&T because they know that Comcast has a history of providing excellent service to their customers. For more information on how small businesses can take advantage of great features and add-ons like High Definition TV and High Speed Internet, talk to a Comcast commercial network specialist today.

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