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Comcast Business is an underlined subsidiary of Comcast, which, in addition to managing the sales, delivery, and technical support of cable, phone, and internet services to individual businesses, also manages the corporate network infrastructure. In 2021, Comcast experienced an unexpected surge in new business and expanded its distribution services, resulting in the addition of more than 200 new sites. As a result of this rapid growth, Comcast experienced a net income gain of approximately $1 billion. Comcast Business currently serves approximately two hundred and sixty-two counties and is the fourth largest publicly held company in the United States by market value. By combining advanced technologies with a disciplined and integrated marketing plan, Comcast seeks to be the top provider of high-speed Internet, digital cable services, and home phone services in the entire United States.

The company’s goal through these endeavors is to become a one-stop small business service provider, while developing multiple value streams to capture the rapidly growing trends in the technology industry. Comcast Business also offers residential, business phone, cable, high-speed Internet, voice, video, digital media, and software solutions. Through Comcast Business, customers have access to over two hundred channels of Pay-Per-View programming and thousands of local programming events. Comcast Business also provides a Variety of specialized customer service options such as assistance with software installation, equipment setup, hardware troubleshooting, wireless network management, assistance with configuring new router or wireless connection, troubleshooting network problems, training, troubleshooting phones, training manuals, technical support, upgrades, accounting information, credit card information and other forms of sensitive data protection.

Comcast Business also offers several bundled IP services that are designed to meet the needs of small businesses ranging from small office operations to full-service corporations. The bundled offerings offer cable access to twenty-four high speed Internet providers located throughout the United States and Canada. The bundled offerings also provide small businesses access to broadband Internet, voice mail, instant messaging, web conferencing, and high-speed Internet access. In addition, Comcast Business provides affordable unlimited access to the Internet through its Extreme Packages that include a standard DSL connection with DSL termination, a telephone connection, a high-speed Internet connection and a variety of broadband Internet service plans including dial-up, DSL, cable, DSL, satellite, wireless, VOIP, and many others. The Extreme Packages are ideal for companies with limited number of computers, or where employees may need to have work stations at work to be able to connect to the internet.

The two major bundled offerings from Comcast Business are its Metro Ethernet service and its bundled FiOS service. The Metro Ethernet service is available in more than two hundred cities and offers faster speeds and unlimited use of bandwidth with a single monthly flat rate fee. With the Metro Ethernet service, customers are assigned a unique local network address instead of having to use the same network address assigned to their personal computer. As a result, users are able to connect to the internet through multiple computers within the same building.

Another key aspect of Comcast Business is the customer service they offer to both customers and landlords. Comcast has been rated as one of the best-served providers in the entire country by J.D. Powers and Associates. Comcast has also signed agreements with other nationwide fiber optic companies that will allow it to provide television programming to cable customers via the internet services it provides.

With the new digital age of televisions and the internet, Comcast Business now offers its customers television services such as high definition, video on demand, pay per view and on demand movies, special features like recording shows and events, parental controls and on-screen advertising, along with hundreds of high-speed wireless channels and more. There may be other offers and deals available, so be sure to check back frequently for new information on Comcast Business. While the basic package includes cable service, a broadband connection and wi-fi in the kitchen, the most affordable option is the bundled package that provides cable TV, broadband internet and wi-fi in one affordable monthly rate. If you’re still curious about what else is included, there’s no need to take the hard sell; simply visit your local Comcast store or call their toll free number to learn all the details on everything this great company has to offer.

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