Decluttering – A Minimalist Lifestyle

Decluttering – A Minimalist Lifestyle

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Many people who want to change their lifestyle often choose to implement a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is a philosophy that emphasizes living with as few possessions as possible in order to maximize your time and space. When you live a minimalist lifestyle, you’re opting to live a less cluttered life. You can begin by decluttering your home and then work on planning your daily life around this minimalist lifestyle.

Many people are confused by the word minimalist when they hear it compared to other lifestyle choices. To clarify it, minimalism focuses on intentional elimination of any and all objects that distracts you from living an intentional life. In other words, minimalism considers objects to be distractions only until you’re consciously aware of their existence. While there are minimalists who practice intentional elimination of objects, many minimalistists do not practice this approach because consciously thinking about an object can remove it from your conscious mind. However, taking the first small steps toward decluttering your life with intentional removal of any and all objects that distracts you is a good place to start.

One of the reasons why many people choose to implement a minimalist lifestyle is that it lets them look different. If you want to make a personal statement with your furnishings or room decorations, a minimalist approach makes more sense than an over-accessorized approach. Here are some other reasons why minimalism is attractive to many people.

Minimalists tend to have a very clear sense of purpose. Because they’re not interested in getting rid of anything, they don’t waste space or try to impress onlookers with “bling bling” design or over-accessorize. Because minimalist lifestyles don’t require so many extra details, most of which are unnecessary anyways, they seem a lot less cluttered than cluttered lives, which most people find intimidating and stressful.

Another advantage of a minimalist lifestyle is that it tends to be easier for the brain to process information. According to minimalist philosophers, the human brain is basically a database for storing facts about the world. The goal of decluttering is to help you keep this database clear and simplified. Because decluttering and getting rid of things gets rid of the facts stored about a particular object, minimizing on its clutter and simplifying its storage space increases your cognitive ability and allows your brain to process more efficiently.

As you may find out if you’ve spent some time looking into minimalist living, most people say that it’s easier to stay motivated when you have minimal clutter and fewer items to deal with. Decluttering and getting rid of things tends to bring feelings of excitement, especially if you’re taking the approach of decluttering just part of your life. However, even the most minimalistic minimalist lifestyles still involve some level of planning, because even a minimalistic way of life needs space and order. And because there is minimalism in everything, you can always find a use for that extra space or closet.

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