Double Edged Sword by Lee Segal

Double Edged Sword by Lee Segal

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“Old Time Rock and Roll” is a great movie, full of fun and drama. It’s one of those rare films from yesteryear that still holds up to this day. Jack Lemmon plays the title role, an aging rock star who’s recently retired from touring, but he loves the music. His friend Pat Garinski ( Alan Dorsch) is a bit nervous about inviting Jack into his basement to play a show. But Jack doesn’t have a problem playing a few songs for Pat, and the two get along famously together.

The movie begins in June of 1980, as Pat and Jack are hanging out with Rebecca de Mornay (Debra Messing). When she gets a call from her mother, she decides to go meet her. When they return, her mother tells her about a boy named Jack who used to live across the street from her – a Neo-noir who wears black leather boots, drinks from a stained glass ale mug, and doesn’t go out much. He also works as a dancer for the drag queens on Sundays. Now, he’s got his own music label, called “Jack’s Place,” and is dating Rebecca.

Soon, however, a van full of cocaine hits the spot, and everyone from the police to the neighborhood kids thinks the couple should be in jail. So when a hit-and-run driver kills Pat and Jack, the press, the police, and the local mob want revenge. A string of deaths starts to take place in the neighborhood, and one of them is attributed to the “Dream Team,” a group of hoodlums that include “Dirty Harry” (Phil Collins), “Clyde” (Ann-Margret), and “Shooter” (Joe Mantegna). Now the Dream Team’s lookout for the real killers, including Jack, who’s also being hounded by the same group.

When they learn that the victims were all connected to the same Dream Team, they want to find and punish them. One of them, named Johnny, is particularly cruel to the Dream Team, but he’s not sure what he should do about the de Mornay citation. He knows that she has AIDS, so he considers giving her a ticket to the hospital. However, he isn’t really sure that he has to tell her about the citation or about the HIV. He wants to keep it just between himself and Johnny.

Johnny decides to let the policewoman, played by Donna counts a charge of attempted murder out against him. The citation read: “The plaintiff was found guilty of willfully causing serious bodily injury to a person, a public servant or a member of the public who was in the lawful discharge of his duties…” It seems to be a minor misdemeanor, but Johnny doesn’t think it’s worth losing his job over. He tells the policewoman that he doesn’t plan to pick up the glass egg and give it to her but just needs to get away from her and goes to find his friend, Eric.

Eric’s friend has his own suspicions about the whole situation, so Johnny invites him to meet him. What follows is a game of double-edged sword where both men struggle with the truth about each other. Ultimately, it ends up being a very risky business for Johnny…

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