Fashion and Function With Business Casual Wear

Fashion and Function With Business Casual Wear

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“Business casual” is a ambiguous term that is usually defined as casual workplace wear but with certain smart aspects of a proper white-collar workplace, especially for corporate workplaces where business casual dress codes predominate. Business casual dress styles may include: khakis, t-shirts, suits, pressed slacks, dress jeans and skirts. The shoes to wear must be in form fitting and appropriate for the type of business you are attending. A man can wear dress shoes with a blouse over a suit while a woman should wear stilettos or pumps to give a professional look.

The business casual look is all about the shoes and the accessories. Your shoes must be in good condition, and they must be in colors that make you comfortable. The shoes should have ankle support, so that your feet do not hurt when you walk for long hours in them. You can wear sandals, but if you want to stand out then go ahead and wear a pair of dress shoes, preferably white. Also make sure your shoes have good heels, with no shoes coming off when you walk briskly or standing for long periods.

In terms of the clothing, business casual is not all about shirts and jackets, it also includes various types of dresses and suits. A dress shirt and a necktie are definitely required in this type of attire. The other items of clothing are quite flexible and some of these can be freely worn at any time. White collared shirts are generally not required, even if you are attending a formal office meeting. In fact, a white t-shirt is considered to be a casual clothing item that is not really dressed up or groomed for a special occasion, such as a business meeting.

But what does business casual mean when it comes to clothing? A business casual dress code might be different from company to company. But one thing that most businesses do have in common is they tend to prefer business attire of the leisurely type, such as a wrinkled white shirt, pressed khakis, dress trousers with a blouse and socks. Black jeans are also considered business casual, especially if they are black on the outside and white on the inside.

Another important aspect of business casual attire is the choice of footwear. If you are wearing dress slacks, don’t wear your dress shoes with them. Or at least, only wear dress shoes with the dress slacks. That way, you will maintain the proper distance between the dress slacks and your dress shoes, which is very important for women.

T-shirts are another item of business casual attire that many people tend to overlook. T-shirts can be both dressed down and dressed up, making them appropriate for a business casual atmosphere. Dress down t-shirts include those with cartoon characters, funny sayings and quotes, and images of animals. They can also be very formal, like those that read “I hate you” or have slogans and pictures of political figures. On the other hand, dress up t-shirts can be informal like the ones with sports team logos, cartoon characters, quotes of people, and images of animals.

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