Five Freaky Movies That You Have To See

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If you are a horror buff and love to watch the freaky type of movies, then there is no dearth of your favorites. A perfect example would be The Shining ( Shining) where Jack Nicolson plays the serial killer known as The Shining. He stalked his victims in the middle of the night with his jack-o’-lantern. Well, there are horror fans who actually believe that this was real and they have a thriving business selling prints and calendars related to this masterpiece. But the question is – how real was this?

In this horror movie, we are introduced to a character named Jack Wilhelms. We see him as a thin, bespectacled middle aged man, living with his wife in their small house in upstate New York. There are several things about Jack that are a little off putting. For instance, he talks like he has gone to study ancient Egyptian magic but the way he says it makes you think that he might be a Wizard, and his accent is somehow off putting even for an Egyptian.

One of the most memorable scenes from the film occurs when the newlywed Jack and his wife are in the bedroom taking a shower. They hear a loud noise downstairs and their attention is caught on a figure in the bathroom doing what sounds like ingesting some sort of deadly substance. In an instant they rush downstairs to find their guest, who is hanging dead from a head injury. This freaky moment really took me by surprise as I found out later that the actor who played the killer in this movie happens to be famous – Robert Duvall.

The Shining also features another slasher that goes by the name of Leatherface. This character was originally known as John Denholm, a crooked cop that worked with the corrupt police department. However, when he finds a girl having an abortion in the woods, he puts a knife to her back and tries to force her into having the baby. When she screams in pain, he raises her up and slashes her throat, much to the horror of the villagers that were at the scene. After he kills her and leaves, he leaves a note saying that she is pregnant and in danger if she does not go to the hospital immediately.

The Ring is another classic that has a lot of freaky moments. The antagonist is an old man who wears a funny ring on his finger and has a walking stick. There is a whole bunch of other oddball characters that add to the overall crazy atmosphere of the film. Also, Jack Torrance is an obsessed fan of Elvis. He dresses like the King and acts like he is one of the biggest Elvis clones around. I don’t know whether he was just trying to get attention or if he was a fan, but either way, he definitely qualifies as a freaky character.

When you are watching a movie that involves a bunch of crazed fans, you have to wonder how they can keep this behavior up for the entire movie. The answer is they do it for entertainment value. But in the case of the freaky characters in movies, they are trying to do something that would actually dangerous. It is almost like they are trying to get away with something. They are not actually acting in real life, but their actions do follow through in some cases.

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