Formal and Casual Apparel

Formal and Casual Apparel

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A business suit is a suit consisting of a jacket, shirt, or tie, with trousers. Traditionally, when worn with a matching collared shirt, tie, necktie, dress shoes, and of same color, fabric, and material, it was considered casual attire in Western modern dress codes. However, the term has become much broader, especially since the turn of the millennium. Today, business suits can be sporty, trendy, or a combination of all three. For women, the current trends in business suit style are more relaxed and elegant, while men’s suits tend to be more business like.

One of the main considerations in choosing a business suit for formal occasions, whether business or leisure, is the fabric. Formal attire should be made from a fabric which is suitable for Formal occasions. Silk, satin, and crepe are some of the more popular fabrics used for Formal attires. Silk is the most formal of the three fabrics, but is also the most expensive.

Men’s Formal Wear: Business attire for men nowadays is much different from earlier days. The traditional business suit has been replaced with casual wear such as jeans, slacks, a shirt, a bow tie, or a pocket-less jacket. For less formal attire, men may choose to wear V necks t-shirts with tapered pockets, or a V neck pullover sweater. For less formal attire, men may choose to wear a darker colored necktie, while wearing a blazer over a dark colored suit. Men should wear a conservative necktie so that they do not draw attention to their necktie.

Formal attire for business suit for women has gone through some changes also, but follows the same general fashion scale. It is still recommended for women to wear skirts, but the skirt must be longer than knee length. White tie suits are worn mostly by men, so women may choose a colored silk shirt instead of a white suit. Women can wear a black, gray, or brown skirt to work in place of a white suit. Women who wish to add some flare to their attire can wear an apron or a hat to add a splash of color.

Formal Dressing For Special Occasions: There are countless occasions when a business suit makes sense for a man to wear. Weddings are one type of occasion where the suit will be worn. It is always preferable to wear a good fitting, full length suit. Other events such as graduation, job interviews, board meetings, anniversaries, weddings, and Father’s Day can also be considered casual events in which the suit can be worn. A woman who is not married will probably wear a skirt as opposed to a white or red suit, although she will most likely wear a great deal of make-up to hide any flaws. It is important to remember that women who are married need to keep the look professional while still feeling appreciated.

Formal Dressing While Casual Attire: Formal attire is always appropriate for professional settings. Women should avoid casual attire at least at corporate events. They should wear slacks, a jacket, dress shoes, dress socks, a white or blue blouse with a conservative neckline, trousers, dress pants, dress shoes, a tie, and a briefcase. Men will wear suits, usually in a form of business suit, with a gray, or white shirt and a vest over a uniform, blue or gray blouse for the top. They will most likely wear a tie, briefcase, black jeans, dress shoes, socks, a white or gray vest, dress pants, a white or gray vest, dress socks, a tie, and a briefcase.

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