Freaky Movie Review: The Girl With Five Bones

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If you love a good horror movie or just hate most of them then you should definitely try The Freaky Movie. I saw this movie a while back and have to say it is not only a fun ride but it is pretty good. I will tell you why in this freaky movie review.

The movie starts off with an introduction that states how the plot is about a young girl who stumbles into a insane mental institution. The guards are crazy and they are constantly trying to kill her. The girl also has a dark secret that is slowly exposed. It is slowly revealed that she has a telekinetic power and she can control other people with it. She also has the ability to control animals.

Once inside the mental institution the movie goes to the point where the doctors have no idea how to deal with this monster. They start asking questions and the doctors get more confused as to what is going on. This freaky movie really gets into the insanity of the freaky movie and into the minds of the characters.

After this crazy opening we slowly get more into the freaky movie and we learn that the girl was born with a rare abnormal power. That power is being able to read minds and make decisions. This makes her a very important part of the team and we also find out that the guy she was just started seeing has some sort of similar powers.

The whole movie was very interesting. The guys were very fun to watch. The one guy playing the doctor was great at making you think you know exactly what is going on. I do not know if you have seen the movie but from the way he talks and the weird things he does I thought he might be some sort of psychic. The other guy in the freaky movie was kind of funny too, but I just did not understand him as well.

Overall I am glad I watched this movie. I will probably start watching other freaky movies soon too. I am also planning to write a review for the other one I have seen that week because I just want to get it all out of my head.

The movie was about two teenage girls that went to a party and had a tragic accident. After the accident they developed amnesia and as a result they did not remember much of the night. So one of them sets out to look for her friends who she did not get to see again. The other girl goes into a hotel alone while the other girl tries to get a room.

In conclusion, the movie is about a girl that can read minds and make decisions. I do not know why I liked the movie so much. Maybe I just found something I could relate too or maybe I was just looking for a really weird movie to watch. Either way I am glad I watched this. I may have to see the other freaky movie I have seen by this point too.

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