Halloween Movie Recommendations For 2021

Halloween Movie Recommendations For 2021

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The latest release from Focus Features has been the vampire horror film “The Devil’s Advocate”. starring Ed Harris and appearing opposite Jennifer Aniston, Dan Aykroyd and Bel Powley. The movie is directed by Tim Burton and written by John Gatford. The movie started shooting in February of this year and had their casting completed by summer. I have seen the trailer and while I haven’t gotten to watch yet, I’ll do some quick scouring of the internet for more information on this franchise to see if it lives up to expectations. Here’s what we’ve got so far…

The trailers have been pretty good…if I’m not mistaken. I remember seeing the trailers for this movie on my way to work the other day and was pretty excited because I love both Tim Burton and Jennifer Aniston (of all people! ), and I thought the trailers were really fun and entertaining. Now having seen the entire film itself, I’m not quite as “psycho” as some people are, but I can say that I like the trailers. I also went to see the streaming services and I was interested to see if the Amazon Prime Video option would offer me any real value since most of the other major streaming services just don’t offer this particular film.

So after I finished up with my evening at work, I logged on to Google Play and began searching for the latest trailers for the latest horror movies on YouTube. I soon came across the Tim Burton film and right away knew it was going to be a great movie. When the trailer started playing I had to stop the game immediately and go watch it again just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. I definitely got a kick out of the trailer for the movie, although I’m not sure if I liked the movie. I’ll let you be the judge.

I am not totally on board with the Tim Burton version of Halloween, at least not from what I have seen. I prefer the original movies where the scary creatures and pumpkins played a more integral part in the overall plot. I think the original version of the story just told a better story and was a lot more memorable. The Tim Burton version takes us down a different path and I am not sure I care for it at all. So, which one do I recommend?

Of course I will always go back to the Tim Burton film from the 1990’s, Halloween. That is just one of the many great films that I have seen during the spooky season. If you are looking for a good Halloween movie then look no further than the Tim Burton film. It just might be your favorite. If you are a fan of both of the Burton films then you are definitely going to enjoy his Halloween II.

In my opinion there is nothing like the original Halloween films from the 1978 original. I have never seen the newer versions of them but from what I have seen I can say that they are pretty much in line with the older versions. The acting is great and I do not remember any of the annoying continuity errors that are so common nowadays. The special effects are great too and I am sure that the new version will be even better. Halloween is fun whether you watch the older versions or the newer ones. It is definitely worth a try.

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