Halloween Movies – Have You Seen The Best?

Halloween Movies – Have You Seen The Best?

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The first Halloween movie I will be reviewing is the 2021 film The Shape. Directed by Wes Ball, The Shape is a thrilling, suspenseful, and at times upsetting horror film. It’s not a horror film by a long shot, but more of a psychological thriller. The heroine, Jessica Chastain plays a high school senior who has an odd, almost telepathic connection to the dead (she can see their spirits). When a mysterious stranger gains possession of her body (after she is brutally murdered in front of her home), she becomes possessed herself and also can see the dead.

The Shape was written by David Fincher (of the Fight Club and Scrubs) and starring Jessica Alba, Michael Caine, Dabney Coleman, Christopher Walken, and Jennifer Aniston. While not a horror film, it was certainly a fun and entertaining comedy for the movie-goer. Though not on the same level as the original horror halloween films, it was a funny and entertaining film that came well recommended.

The next horror movie I want to review is Halloween II. Starring Jack Nicholson, Tim Burton, and Robert Englund, Halloween II has to be my favorite movie out right now. It is the sequel to the very successful Halloween II (the first film in the series). If you enjoyed the first film, you’ll love this one…

In Halloween II, Michael Myers returns as the evil character he made popular in the first film. Instead of looking the same as he did in his first appearance, he is now younger (and obviously, scaly) as he possesses strange, bat like wings. Instead of settling into his standard scary, mask like outfit, Myers enters a laboratory and assumes the role of Dr. Isaac’s ( Freeman), a professor who creates the Necronomicon, a super powerful, three legged robotic monster. Myers provides the voice of a dead person as he gags and spatters about making the Necronomicon.

Though not directly related to the first film in the series, the Halloween franchise has seen an overall increase in quality. There are more intense, terrifying films, more humorous and comical roles, and more classic characters to take part in the franchise. For me, the only thing that could make a better Halloween film would be a remake of the original halloween film starring Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, and Michael Myers as the three teenage boys who stumble upon the legendary “Halloween” party in the middle school.

The original Halloween films have a timeless quality to them that the newer movies have tried to copy, but in my opinion they just don’t compare. They are all great films with fantastic actors and actresses that will never become forgotten. But if you haven’t seen them yet, I highly recommend you go see them. Sure, they may cost a little bit more than your standard DVD, but you’ll probably be getting more out of it and for a whole lot less money.

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