Halloween Movies to Make Your Nights Scary

Halloween Movies to Make Your Nights Scary

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If you are looking forward to enjoying a Halloween festival this year, the best Halloween movies are the horror movies. You can see the best horror movies at any movie houses and they are very affordable also. People always prefer watching horror films as it gives them the real touch of the horror genre. There are several options available for viewing the best horror movies on the internet.

Some of the most popular horror movies are “The Shining” which is considered to be the classic horror film. This movie has an intricate story and excellent photography which was used in many home videos made after the movie was released. People loved this movie and many remade it as a classic called “The Ring”.

Another very spooky season is coming up this October. “The Walking Dead” is set to air on October 31st, and many people are anxious to watch this movie. The trailer makes people shiver because it looks as if it could be very intense. If you are looking forward to watching a great horror film this Halloween then you should definitely watch “The Walking Dead” this year. It will have your adrenaline flowing like never before.

If you want something even more scary than that, look out for the “creepy” haunted house tours. You will be able to find many haunted house tours in and around the cities and towns in the United States of America. The tours usually follow some sort of specific pattern and they will last anywhere from a couple of hours to a full weekend. People do not necessarily go on these tours to enjoy the terror that they are experiencing but they just love exploring the haunted houses and finding the scariest areas possible.

The town of East Hampton in the state of Connecticut is known for its many haunted mansions and it is no surprise that there are many people who love to go there to soak up some ghostly experiences. The town of East Hampton was the original home to Thomas Cromwell, Lord of Ireland and the town has now been revitalized and has more houses and more spots for people to go and soak up some ghostly fun. Now there are even “hotel spooky” tours that you can take, along with a classic cart trip through the streets of East Hampton.

Some of the more recent movies that have been getting a lot of attention for their excellent cinematography and outstanding story lines are “Machete”, “New Moon” and now the upcoming “The Last Exorcism”. Of course, Tim Burton is one of the most exciting and talented directors in the industry today and he will surely be pulling out all the stops this year on his scary movie tours. People from all over the world travel to U.K. every year to catch the fantastic show. I think people will be taking their DVD’s and catching screenings wherever they can this year!

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