Hezbollah Admits Using Movie Trailer To Sell Hate

Hezbollah Admits Using Movie Trailer To Sell Hate

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This article related to a love movie of the 2000s is a stub. We don’t have enough sources for this segment of society but here are a few things that are worth remembering if you watch the news. Remember the international terrorists who tried to hijack a passenger jet by placing a bomb on board? There was a lot of negative publicity caused by this but it was eventually stopped and no one was hurt in the process.

In 2021, the CCTV showed how a group of pro-zbollah protesters were videotaped as they held up placards that said; “This is what a terrorist looks like, Mum”. They then set off smoke bomb and started chanting against the Jews. The public outrage caused the government to ban the use of such inflammatory rhetoric. This article related to a love movie of the 2000s is a stub because the segment was never aired.

In 2021, an article was written by Nicoli Couto and Jan Kounen and was entitled; “Rotten Tomatoes – A Love Story That Never Was.” In this article, they point out that the US government should label Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. If we label them terrorist organizations, then why can’t they call the Irish Republican Army terrorists? By doing this they would be taking steps to protect the innocent people of Hezbollah and anyone associated with them. They did just this with the IRA and even killed more innocent civilians in Northern Ireland.

This article written by Jan Kounen and written by Nicoli Couto details how Hezbollah leader heiads used the media to promote his cause. He used Hezbollah’s media outlets, including Al Jazeera, to broadcast his twisted message of hate and terror. They even went so far as to set up an international conference to bring together the “agents of darkness” against Israel. It is interesting that Al Jazeera uses unsimulated sex in their news segments, when it is illegal in many countries to show people engaged in sex. One has to wonder if the people at Hezbollah are aware of the laws of their own country.

The same type of incitement was shown towards Christians and Jews in the film called The Intouchables. Many of the messages and images used in this movie were used by Hezbollah and Al Qaeda as well. It is amazing to me how similar these groups are to the Christian Right and Jewish Anti-Zionist groups. The Intouchables even had an Anti Semitic motif as well. We should all be extremely alarmed by this advertisement business, since it is promoting violence against innocent civilians. When will the world wake up?

The Intouchables was a very disturbing film, to say the least. It showed a side of Hezbollah which most Americans have never seen, and it was disgusting and totally inappropriate for public viewing. Anyone who supports the production of these types of films should be immediately recalled from their job and held accountable for their criminal behavior. Please consider all this and share any thoughts on the issues raised in the article.

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