High Risk Business For Reuben McCaleb

High Risk Business For Reuben McCaleb

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“Stag weekend: The Risky Business of Young and reckless.” –New York Times Book Review

High school student Joel Goodsen (tom cruise) is thrilled when his parents leave for vacation for several days. Shortly after an unsuccessful attempt at getting a hooker, Joel gets a call from his parents’ new neighbor, Lynette (abelle adams). When the maid returns with a proposition to help pay for her parents’ hotel bill, Joel jumps at the chance. But when a boating accident takes out the phone line on Joel’s phone, he must remain on the road and try to pick up a few “girls” before his parents return.

Meanwhile, back in St. Lawrence, Wash., another young man, Lane ( STEPhanie Meyer ), plans to use a hooker to help him with his money troubles. When Lane’s mom (Lori Singer ) tells him that she can’t stand seeing her son associating with a call girl, he decides to run away to spend the night with Lynette and help her with her problems. Shortly thereafter, however, Lane gets into a big fight with another man over the prospect of having a hooker (although the name of the girl hasn’t yet been mentioned!). When Lane finds out about his parents’ visit, they both leave town, but not before Lane agrees to help the woman who has moved in with him,callie (Bebe Neuwirth), find her new job and make some extra money to pay her bills.

The next day, however, Reuben (MATASSNIK), the district attorney, shows up to the house to arrest Reuben for obstruction of justice. As Reuben attempts to arrest Reuben on bogus charges (like impersonating a state police officer), the call girl enters. However, before the police can arrive, Reuben manages to get away in the back of his truck. When the authorities show up at the scene and arrest Reuben, the hooker who was with him manages to run away, and the two girls are thrown in jail.

In jail, the hooker and the older girl are separated while the hooker runs off with the money intended for the old time rocker’s protection. Now the older girl is very afraid of the old man, so she seeks out the assistance of an old friend. Meanwhile, Reuben continues his quest to find the hooker. He tracks her to an old warehouse where the women works as a brickman. On the way, Reuben finds another hooker, who agrees to help out the old woman. The brickman’s boss is not amused to learn that Reuben is in love with the hooker.

Now Reuben must return to the office to deliver the money, but on the way he bumps into SAM, who has been invited to the party by Reuben’s old time rocker friend, APRIL. APRIL is happy to see her former lover, but Reuben decides to impress the women by going a different way, turning April on. Reuben then goes on a wild ride that ends up taking him to a cabin on the Lake Michigan. When Reuben arrives there, he’s discovered by APRIL, who wants to get back with him, but Reuben will have to prove himself again…

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