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Comcast Business is a division of Comcast, which, in addition to handling the sales, service, and delivery of cable, telephone, and internet services to individual customers, also manages the sales and distribution of business-to-business cable services. In 2021, Comcast Business nearly tripled its revenues to reach more than $2 billion, the highest growth of any of Comcasts consumer products in a single year. The vast majority of this growth came from a combination of record consumer increases in overall spending, the addition of a new service ( Comcast Business Connections) that allows companies to resell high-speed Internet access, and the integration of the new business-to-business offerings with traditional Comcast offerings.

Comcast Business offers a variety of bundled services that complement the features already offered by its basic cable services. Among these are: Comcast Business Connections, which is basically a dial up modems with private phone lines for small businesses; Comcast Business Broadband, which provides faster Internet access; and Comcast Business Total Connect, which gives business owners the ability to manage three data centers with redundant power sources and IT support. These services are offered at no additional cost. Comcast Business also offers two data centers in Maryland and one in Virginia, plus a second office in Washington D.C.

In addition to offering bundled services, Comcast Business offers the convenience of fast, reliable broadband Internet connection. In fact, it has become almost synonymous with the phrase “high speed and bang for your buck.” Comcast offers the most reliable broadband Internet service in the industry with its top-rated Mp3 Voice Core technology. This feature provides crystal clear voice communication over the Internet at speeds of over 3 megabits per second. Other bundled features available from Comcast Business include: unlimited long distance calling, unlimited local calling, unlimited text and picture messaging, fast broadband speed, voice mail, an intranet, a high-speed wireless network, and an advanced security system with firewall and fraud protection.

While other bundled providers may offer the same features as Comcast Business, they often have higher costs and less customer service due to the lack of personal attention from the company. Comcast takes this customer service into consideration when determining its prices for its bundled service plans, making them more competitive with other companies. For instance, Comcast Business Low Cost Internet provides unlimited Internet access for a monthly rate of $10. The customer service provided includes a toll free number, live customer service, and toll-free customer assistance.

There are two basic types of Comcast internet plans available to small businesses: bundled plans and pure fiber services. In most cases, when you purchase a pure fiber connection from Comcast Business, it provides a faster Internet speed than most other standard cable modem connections. When you purchase bundled internet plans from Comcast, you get the same great speeds, as well as superior customer service and no contract. However, these offers come with a much higher price, depending on what speed you choose.

When you get business internet from Comcast, you are getting some of the best speeds available. Businesses often use the internet for their everyday operations, such as ordering products and interacting with customers on the telephone. High-speed connections are also important for these types of activities, as many online companies require quick and efficient responses. When you are ready to take the plunge into the world of high-speed broadband, check out how great Comcast internet makes your online ventures, such as ordering from online merchants, easier than ever!

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