How to Choose a Fiber Optic Internet Provider for Your Business

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Comcast Business is an under owned subsidiary of Comcast, which, in various iterations, has managed the sales, distribution, and support of cable, phone, and internet to private organizations. In 2021, Comcast Business nearly tripled its revenues, growing 34% over the year, reaching a reported value of around $2 billion. The success in these endeavors has allowed Comcast to develop multiple revenue streams and offers a variety of services to consumers. Many people confuse Comcast with another internet service provider. Broadband Internet is not the same as high speed internet.

One service different from the others provided by Comcast is small business access. Small business access is available in two different ways: first, Comcast provides the hardware and the connection equipment necessary to connect individual customers to the broadband internet system; and second, the customer connects to the infrastructure of the Comcast utility company, providing him or her with the opportunity to connect his or her computers to the broadband internet system. There are some companies, such as Vonage, that offer equipment-based small business access as well. However, Comcast offers the most extensive and useful service to small businesses, offering direct access to its broadband network without the need to go through an outside provider.

Another way that Comcast offers more choices than competing suppliers is through its data plans and its mobile services. The data plans provide unlimited use of the company’s broadband service for a specified amount of money per month, while the mobile services can give users access to the company’s cellular network using their personal devices. The idea is not entirely new. Other providers have provided similar plans, such as those offered by T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. But with the increasing popularity of smart phones, specifically smartphones with internet applications, the competition between them and Comcast becomes even more fierce. Therefore, Comcast is better served by having a variety of data plans and mobile services, allowing it to respond to customer demands and changing needs as fast as possible.

One way that Comcast accommodates the needs of small businesses is through its xFinity Wi-Fi for Business program. The program offers mobile service and a data plan to small businesses in a way that no other provider can. For one, it offers an advanced version of Wi-Fi, with a high speed of 2.4 gigabits per second. This high speed ensures that small businesses can access wireless internet at a much faster rate, compared to dial-up internet. Small businesses can also save on data usage costs, as the company has a low-cost plan that sets a monthly cap on how much data can be used.

This mobile service from Comcast also gives its users real time access to the web, even when they are on the road. Using mobile service from Comcast gives small businesses similar capabilities as their home computers have, without the hassle of extra wires. Because it is the most widely used form of broadband, Comcast’s Xfinity Wi-Fi for Business is very popular among travelers. Travelers love this ease of use because they can now stay connected while on the road, or back home. Plus, with high-speed internet access, downloading and uploading photos, videos, or music is so easy.

If you are looking for a faster internet connection, but don’t want to deal with any long-term commitments, then you should check out Comcast’s fiber optic business Ethernet services. Metered and prepaid service plans are available through Comcast Business Network Services. Metered plans offer a fixed monthly amount for the duration of the contract. A prepaid service plan charges a specified amount per month, but then the customer pays for the entire month as long as there is coverage. Both types of plans are effective, however not without fees. For more information on Comcast Business Ethernet services, check the company’s website.

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