How To Watch All Of Your Halloween Movies On Air

How To Watch All Of Your Halloween Movies On Air

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If you’re a fan of the Halloween movies, then you’ve most likely already been promised that there will be more of the same this Halloween. For the previous two Halloween films, one called Halloween II and another named The Shape, it’s safe to say that the franchise is done for another year. This leaves the three Halloween films in the air as to who will be the next Halloween movie instilled with pumpkins and witches for kids. Here’s a look at each franchise that has yet to be given a release date:

The first installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse was expected to be released a couple of years back but has unfortunately been put on hold. In case you didn’t know, the second film in the Twilight saga is called The New Moon. It’s possible that the delay of Eclipse is because of how much of an audience Twilight fans haven’t grown past when the first film came out. Expecting the sales of Twilight products to increase during the time of the movie’s run may not be a good idea.

While The Shape and The Exorcist were both delayed, and now they have finally been put into development, fans can still look forward to the release of The Shape. The Shape is based on a true story of a young girl who had a tragic life experience; she was the daughter of a car dealer and a well known devil. In the third person point of view, Tim Burton is once again at the helm of the production, which is why the release date is now pushed back. While we wait for The Shape, we may just have to settle for the other two fantastic horror movies that are already available for streaming: The Shining and The Exorcist. These two movies have proven that Tim Burton is quite capable of creating some truly scary films, and we can only hope that The Shape will live up to his past work.

The Exorcist is perhaps the creepiest horror movie that you will ever see in a mainstream movie. Starring someone like Ralph Fiennes, the film just makes you feel uneasy every single time you watch it. There is a very distinct atmosphere to the entire movie that combines well with the acting performances of Ed Harris and Lisa Marie Presley. Recently the film has become available to stream on the Amazon Prime Video and Google Play, and according to reports the reviews are quite positive. Even though the streaming service is not available in all territories across the world, the movie is still one of the most streamed movies of all time.

The other upcoming big Halloween release is the remake of the well received Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which stars Charlie Sheen as the little old lady who runs the chocolate factory that made all those delicious chocolate treats. It is widely expected that this film will make a huge splash at the box office during this Halloween. Another highly anticipated film that has just leaked onto the internet is the Maze Runner franchise that reunites the casts of the first two films of the series. Though the trailers and teasers have only shown a little of the film, word of mouth has been rather good and the reviews have been positive too.

You do not want to miss out on any of the new Halloween movies this year, so make sure that you plan ahead and watch them in the right order. The easiest way to go about this is to purchase a copy of Netflix or Hulu Plus in advance of your visit to the theater. Then when you get there, switch on the television and check the schedule on the remote control. The majority of Halloween movies are scheduled for a run of at least two weeks. This gives you plenty of time to view them in order to pick the ones that you want to see. If you are unable to get into the theater for Halloween festivities, then make sure that you know how to watch these Halloween movies online on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device.

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