How to Write Movie Plots That Are Funny and Heartwarming

How to Write Movie Plots That Are Funny and Heartwarming

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Anyone who’s ever seen a love movie ends up being awestruck by how the characters interact. Sure, the acting is amazing… But what makes a movie a “love movie”? Is it more about the relationship between the two stars? Or the relationship they have with their surroundings? Or the chemistry that the two actors have developed between them?

The love movie has a unique appeal that stems from the fact that there are rarely any characters that aren’t at least somewhat humorous. In fact, you’re more apt to laugh in a love story than in any other kind of story. It’s all about making the audience laugh, whether the characters involved are cute or not. The love movie is all about making the audience feel good.

But it’s not just that. Most love movie plots contain romance, at least to some degree. And if the love movie involves two stars, it’s almost guaranteed that the relationship between those two stars is the driving force behind the entire movie. If the two stars are hilarious, the viewers will love them and root for them. If they’re serious, the viewers will cheer when they win the affections of the hero (usually).

And how often do you find movies involving a love triangle where the hero is the only one with genuine affection for his girlfriend or wife? The hero may have his own love story, but often times he has to put in work to win her heart. Love in a movie isn’t always romantic love, it can be love that is based on friendship, familial bonds, lust, or even lust…but the ultimate goal of the love story in the movie is to unite the lovers and to consummate their love.

Does all of this make it easy to create successful love story plots? Not really. There are a ton of movie plots with heart wrenching drama and painful love experiences… but very few movie plots that are successful in the main goal of creating a happy ending. Most movie endings are based on the characters getting together and falling in love with each other… but only the hero is the one who acts out the happy ending by sleeping with his or her true love. Most writers don’t know this when writing a script.

Writing movie plots that are serious and touching… that people remember and appreciate… takes time and experience. This is why writing screenplay love stories takes more than just a great story and a great talent for creating characters and developing plot. You’ll need talent, experience, and understanding of how to write movie plots that are endearing and touching. But most importantly, you must have integrity. You won’t succeed unless you have a heart as big and as wide as the largest ocean in the world… and you can’t achieve this unless you have a sense of humor.

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