Increase Your Business ROI With Local Business Linkage

Increase Your Business ROI With Local Business Linkage

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Are you a local business owner? How do you think about your business? If you answer “yes” to both questions, you are part of a growing group of local business owners. Many people consider being part of the local business community as the definition of success for how they make a living. When thinking about your local business, you might wonder what makes you a local business; is it all about the location?

Some local businesses are actually owned and run by local residents. Any business which offers services or products to a local community is classified as a local business. Often denoted by the word local, a local business could be either a privately owned small business or a corporation with several locations operating within a given area. Many times, small businesses have local owners and operate from their homes or garages.

Several types of small businesses include personal service providers such as wedding planners, pet sitters, childcare providers, hairdressers, manicurists, or tailors, major retailers who have local stores, banks and franchises, and several major franchises which are operated nationally. There are also many large retailers which have outlets in most cities and towns. Franchises include fast food restaurants, hotels, motels, chains of strip malls, convenience stores, groceries, and many other franchises.

The first step to understand the local business schema is to have a precise working linkage among all the different pieces of data. In essence, this means finding one piece of information which links to all the other pieces of data. A perfect working link amongst all the data points to a very specific business location. This specific business location then becomes the reference point by which the other pieces of data are linked to.

One example of a perfect working link for a business location-based customer relationship management solution includes a customer care call center. A business location-based customer relationship management system can give business owners a great deal of flexibility because each customer inquiry can be tracked according to exact geographic coordinates. This allows a business owner to precisely find out where their customers are located, which they then can target with special offers. This solves two problems at once. Not only does it increase the amount of sales because of increased volume, but it also provides local business owners with a convenient way to find their customers.

Some other examples of a working linkage among business hours and locations include shopping centers and mall stores. Shopping centers can link their hours of operation to their location and target only customers who are within a certain mileage range. Mall stores can use their hours of operation as a form of geo targeting and increase their profitability. Carousel structured data analytics software can be used to link all of this together, creating an easy to use map that any business can customize to suit its own particular needs. This makes creating local business relationships not only easy, but highly effective.

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