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There are several movies that have taken the Vegas Strip by storm, and one of those movies is Casino Movie. It’s fun and entertaining (which is all the norm when it comes to this genre) but it does have a little bit of history behind it as well. In fact, there’s a scene in there where the show’s main character (read: Steve Austin) is visiting Las Vegas for the first time. He ends up in one of the high rollers clubs of the place and falls in love with one of the girls there.

The reason this scene is so funny is because we’ve all seen Steve Austin go off to be married to the wrong girl and get murdered right in front of his eyes. Then he goes on to win back his inheritance, but not before he had to kick some major butt in the process. Another reason this scene is so great is because it’s pretty clear that Steve Austin is the best casino host around. He knows how to cater to the casino crowd, and he makes the best bets imaginable (sometimes six figures). He’s also smart enough to know that he shouldn’t mingle with the mafia because he would stand a good chance of getting killed.

What makes Casino Movie such a great film is the chemistry between Steve Austin and De Niro. The two Hollywood veterans have worked together many times before, but it’s still impressive to see a new screenwriter bring two of the greatest actors from De Niro’s career into the mix. Especially because their characters aren’t real, but they’re very believable. Between Steve Austin’s Southern drawl and De Niro’s Italian brooding, you can pretty much picture where both of them want to go in this film.

One of the best scenes from Casino Movie that sticks out to me is the one where Steve Austin wins the jackpot and there’s a huge ruckus at the casino involving everyone. Everyone except for Scarface (John Tutturro) comes to ruin it for him. It makes for an incredibly entertaining scene that you won’t soon forget. The same scene works excellently for the climax of the film as well, when Scarface gets killed by the pit bosses and Steve Austin wins the jackpot again.

Of course, like any other movie, Casino Movie has its weak points. One sequence that seems to be stretched out for no reason is the car chase scene in the beginning. It drags on way to long, and takes place almost exclusively in the desert. Although the desert is a beautiful setting, it doesn’t really translate to being a strong scene for the movie.

Overall, Casino Movie is a fun and entertaining film. Steve Austin and John Tutturro do an excellent job of playing the roles they were given. If you’re a fan of casino films, then you should definitely check out Casino Movie. There are many interesting facts that are made apparent throughout the film, and those things are worth your time. Overall, this is a highly entertaining movie that many people will enjoy.

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