Is a Casino Movie Worth the Time?

Is a Casino Movie Worth the Time?

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There are so many casino movie nights in my town, and they are great. I love hanging out at my local casino with the girls and having a good time. But why do people go to the movies during the casino wave? Is it because they want to see something that is very unrealistic or could they be just bored?

The movies have gotten a little bit more realism over the years but it still doesn’t make them any better. Most of the movies that come out hit the mark for what a casino should look like and there is nothing that tops slot machines. You know the ones that have the music that you remember from when you were a kid playing those games. There is nothing like hearing those tunes. Now the latest release is even better.

But why does everyone go to the movies during the casino wave? Is it because they want to be in a real casino? That would make sense since they will most likely be gambling their hard-earned money at some point. But why do people go to the movies when they can actually go to Las Vegas and spend their money in a real casino?

Well there is a valid reason and that is to see a movie and enjoy it. Now the one issue with that is that the slots are not worth your time in a casino movie. Plus they take up too much room and they are boring to watch. They don’t really have any deep themes that are thought-provoking or inspire people to think or act.

The other thing is that they are not real players. Sure they might be able to play for awhile and learn a little, but they are not skilled players. A real player goes into a casino with a strategy in mind and knows what he wants to get out of a game and how he plans on winning or losing. It’s just not in the realm of the slots.

In all honestly a casino movie is a waste of time. Not because the movie isn’t good or entertaining, but because you won’t come away with any real life gambling strategies from watching a movie. If you are going to spend your time doing that then why not go to Las Vegas? You will see a much more realistic version of gambling and it will be a lot more fun. So if you ever get the chance why not give it a try.

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