Is It a Trick Or a Spell? – Halloween Movie Comparison

Is It a Trick Or a Spell? – Halloween Movie Comparison

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Anyone who has seen the original Trick or Treat episode of The Grey’s Anatomy will know why they have turned to Halloween movie rentals to see what happens next. Hocus Pocus is the latest instalment in the classic kids’ Halloween movie tradition. In this film, Tom Hanks plays the title role, with Robert DeNiro as his sidekick, Dean Proffitt. They are taken on a wild ride through an ancient dark forest where the legendary “trick or treater” can get the best treats…

( Tradable) ( 1993) Gather up your sistahs for a fantastic, light-hearted movie night with Hocus Pocus. There can be no list of Halloween films without Hocus Pocus appearing on it. This movie may well be one of the top ten greatest Halloween films of all time. It is the first feature-length animated feature ever to earn the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film was so successful that it went on to earn Oscars for both Best Original Screenplay and Best Score.

( 1993) In the sequel of Hocus Pocus, Hanks plays David Blaine, an ordinary man whose life is thrown into chaos when he accidentally gets possessed by the nefarious witch Vixen. As he tries to escape her clutches, he becomes the target of police and fire fighters, and he is left confused about his own fate. Another wonderful original of this film is the Tim Burton film adaptation; though it was later turned into a TV series, it remains one of Burton’s best films.

( 1994) An interesting spin on the Hocus Pocus theme, this film stars Dabney Coleman as Jim Carrey’s modern-day reincarnation of the legendary witch. Although the character was not specifically referred to as “voodoo” in the film, it is clear that both the plot and the motif are strongly reminiscent of the old Hocus Pocus customs. The film did hit theaters after the success of the series of Wes Craven films, and Coleman became known more for her appearance on the TV series, rather than her acting abilities. She went on to star in a number of other popular horror films including Darkwatch, The Desolate Area, and the underrated Necronomicon: The flesh eats areles of modern science fiction.

No Hocus Pocus films have been produced since the 1994 release of A Nightmare On Elm Street, but since the franchise lives on through the Harry Potter series, the latest film in the series is Hocus Pocus II. Although the new film doesn’t incorporate the original premise like the original film did (i.e. the broomstick), the overall message is still quite similar. It’s just that this time around, the good witch is more focused on scaring people (i.e. Jack), rather than doing any kind of dark magic or questionable spell work.

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