Is the Freaky Movie Show For Real?

Is the Freaky Movie Show For Real?

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There have been many rumors and speculations that the upcoming movie “The Rocky Horror Show” will be a big hit and will be a box office smash. The only problem is that so far no one has confirmed whether the film will be a big hit or a flop. In fact, some people are worried that it might not even do well at all. If you are a diehard fan of the cult movie series that started with Rocky Balboa and went on to star Michael Jackson as well as Ian McShane and Bruce Willis, then you might be interested in knowing what some of the possible issues are with the new movie.

The first rumor that I have heard is that the movie will feature quite a lot of blood shed. Some people have claimed that there will be a lot of nudity and inappropriate actions. They claim that the producers of the movie want to shock and embarrass people in hopes of selling more tickets to their movies. The freaky movie trend has also caught on in other genres of film such as horror and thriller.

Another rumor is that the movie will be just as weird as the show. The cast includes Edward Herrmann, Tim Matheson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Lee. I am sure there are a few people out there that actually think that the show is actually as tame as the movies.

People are also wondering how come there is a new TV show about a bunch of teenagers in a small town. The townspeople apparently don’t understand why people continue to watch the show. They seem to think that people are losing their minds. Well, you can blame the media for pushing these rumors and making the movie a big hit. I’m sure the audience will be much larger than expected.

Some people are saying that the show may actually take place in a mental hospital. This is certainly a twist that is being thrown in to give the audience something to giggle about. The twist is that a group of patients have been watching the show because they are insane. It is a clever way to get the audience more involved in the show. It does not seem like this show is going to be very popular among critics either.

So, is there any truth behind the freaky movie hype? Only you can decide if it is worth your time to watch the movie. You can check out the trailer for the upcoming movie on YouTube or on Yahoo Movies. It is sure to be a real fun time for the entire family.

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