Jurassic Park – Is it Good?

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One of the most exciting upcoming Universal Studios attractions is the Jurassic Park attraction. The DNA of the most beloved theme park characters like E.T. and King Kong Lives will join forces in the highly anticipated Jurassic Park ride. It is set to be one of the biggest rides in the park, with more than two hundred well animatronic creatures including a T-Rex that will scare the evergreen. Along with this big name attraction, there are also several other new rides that will surely delight the teenage crowds and the thrill seekers.

The latest installment of the Jurassic Park series is going to be directed by the trio of writers – Franklin Fish, Craig Bolotin and Michael Crichton. The story revolves around the survival of the human species after a deadly virus sweeps through Isla Nublar. An enormous eight foot Tyrannosaurus Rex named Abras will be the park’s main guard and protectors as he searches for his own prey.

The story line of the Jurassic Park will include the genetically enhanced dinosaur called a t-rex which was engineered by a wealthy donor to serve as a food source for the genetically enhanced island’s inhabitants called the dino pets. The genetically altered prehistoric animals are threatened when a vicious predator named a rapture arrives on the island and takes over the population. Abras is saved by an expedition led by a female dinosaur namedazonian named Jurassic Park Special Effects Nurse. He is then asked to save the humans who have been fitted with electronic collar collars and are placed in the suspended boat where there is danger of being attacked by the carnivores.

The opening of the movie Jurassic Park will introduce us to the character of a boy called Alex (adan bowe) who stays at the facility as a security guard while the other members of his team are on a tour in the rainforests. When the other members go back for their rest, Alex along with another guard named Nitro and two technicians remain behind to continue their tour. However, a mysterious thief called T-Rex sneaks into the compound and attacks the guards. This causes the other dinosaurs to attack one another resulting in an outbreak of dangerous viruses and bacteria which causes the island’s dwindling food supply to dwindle.

The next few days see a massive amount of visitors flooding the facility where the lone guard attempts to control the outbreak. The other inhabitants become panicked and run out of the building. The remaining security guard called Widowsley is seen trying to calm down a herd of zombies who have broken out of their prison. Jurassic Park also chronicles the efforts of the scientists to create a serum to counter the effects of the virus. The serum is successful but tests on the animals prove futile so the island is closed off for cleanliness and quarantine.

The climax of the movie happens after the virus has taken hold and begins to eat all the remaining dinosaurs. A rescue attempt with the help of several shuttles of shuttles is made but the virus overwhelms them all and the once lush island is destroyed. The US movie makes heavy use of special effects, special photography and the style of its story but the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park us far more interesting. Perhaps this is because they are our favorites and we relate to them better than other creations of science fiction.

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