Looking For Old Movies?

Looking For Old Movies?

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The other day I was talking to a gentleman who likes to watch old movies. He loves old films but the real star of his favorite gathering is the old comic books. He has at least three comics and often collects them. He proudly displays three copies of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on his coffee table. He told me that he collected them over thirty years ago and no one ever knew that he actually had a full sized Batman. He told me that he has about three to four comics for each of those heroes.

Now, he told me that he never read the original comic books. In fact, he never bothered to collect the comics when they came out and he didn’t want to read them. He told me that he would like to make up stories in the old movies and then he would watch old movie after old movie. He told me that he would never pass up a chance to watch old Superman movies or Wonder Woman cartoons.

Now, I do have one question for him. Why does he only choose the superheros? Why is he only choosing those that he would like to view? In other words, why does he only have the superheros?

It appears that he likes the classic stories and doesn’t want to see any movies with a new superhero every time. Does this mean he is a Superman fan? Perhaps he should look into watching older Superman movies. What do I know? I’m just a reporter looking for information.

I myself have watched a couple of old Superman movies. In fact, I have two of them to choose from. One of them is Adventures of Superman. This is an all time classic movie. I would be willing to bet that if he were to pass up a chance to see the classic Superman movie of his childhood, he would definitely want to see the new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill.

So would you like to know how to find old Superman movies online? Then you are in luck. Just go to a website called YouTube and search for “old movies”.

You will probably find some old VHS tapes from your dad’s days. If he wasn’t a fan of the Superman franchise, he probably had tapes of old Superman movies. You might be able to find some gems here. Search Google and try to find the VHS tapes.

Do you own an old VHS tape from your father? Then you should start looking for the right old footage on the Internet. Would you like to see a Superman movie? If so, you should make that happen. Would you like to experience Superman anywhere other than the Silver and Black pages?

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